A Little Kate Spade Treat!

A Little Kate Spade Treat!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with joy and happiness, and also relaxation! In addition I hope everyone ate to their hearts content, I certainly did LOL. In my family tradition myself and my cousin will visit Bicester Village on Boxing Day nice and early to catch the sales, occasionally mum will join but the last two years she did not as she did not want to wake up early in the morning to start our route to Bicester LOL. There is a range of designer luxury stores at Bicester so there is plenty of options.

This year we went really early and arrived around 8.41am and the Outlet opened at 7am!! Therefore it is safe to say we got there as early as we could really.

I knew that I wanted to buy a new purse as my previous purse I have had for such a long time and I said the next purse I want will be a designer one and I will buy it at Bicester Village. Throughout this year I have done my research as there are many choices out there, I came to the conclusion to buy from Kate Spade as I love how their products are so bright and colourful which is me in a nutshell and they are really cute and feminine. In addition it is not very common compared to other brands that I considered.

   I absolutely love it! It is a leather purse with a floral print all over the purse. The print is like a watercolour print. It is a dark navy leather colour and the colour of the flowers compliment it so well. Furthermore the dark colour means it wont show dirt and will be long lasting instead of a white or pale colour.

  It has many card slots inside and different sections to arrange what will be in my purse. What I also liked is at the back of the purse there is like a back pocket in which you can keep receipts, tickets anything that can easily slot in behind.

I am really happy with this choice and I definitely believe this as an investment and will last for a long time. The way they packaged my purse in a box within a gift bag also highlights them as a brand that believes in quality and care which also supports the decision I made.

Let me know in the comments below what purchases you have made during Boxing Day and whether you have visited Bicester Village! Enjoy! Happy New Year! xxx