ASOS Africa

ASOS Africa

I am a huge fan of ASOS, I mean who isn’t! They are always on trend, creating trends and have such a wide offering¬†from designers, high street and boutiques! I am also grateful they have a Tall range which I definitely buy from ūüôā

This new 2016 collaboration between ASOS and Christine Mhando, who graduated from the University of Kent, is a London based designer who is inspired by her African heritage and has her Tanzanian nickname ‘Chichia‘ is how she brands the fashion collection. The ASOS fashion collaboration is titled as ‘ASOS Africa X ChiChia’.¬†

 It is such a lovely range of clothes! The prints and colours are right up my street! The trousers, jumpsuits, tops and dresses are all so pretty. I really really like the head scarves too as it is no secret that I love to wear head scarfs and bandanas in my hair! I am really happy that Christine created this range as it shows how African fashion can be accessible to everyone and can be worn by anyone. Additionally due to the fact with my own African background it is really refreshing to see this implemented with a British fashion brand of ASOS.

I have handpicked pieces I love from the  ASOS website;

asos africa 1

Extreme Swing Midi Dress in Grid Print Р£48

asos africa 2

ASOS AFRICA Shift Dress With Pockets Р£19 currently on sale!

asos africa 3

ASOS AFRICA x Chichia Midi Shirt Dress in Fan Р£45 Love the print and of course the colour blue which is my favourite!

Headband £6

¬†There is more selection on ASOS’s website so you can have a look as you may see something you like! Christine also has her own website which she explains her story as she has achieved a lot through her fashion collection. I will link both the ASOS Africa website ¬†and Christine’s website below to allow you have a further read.

Fashion is universal and I love that it is growing!