Bargain Shopping

Bargain Shopping

I do love to shop and it is no secret to those who know me (especially my parents LOL). I like to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and I like to experiment in new ways to refresh and maintain my wardrobe. I went shopping and spent under £20! I was very excited at the  prospect of how I will transform these items into outfits.

thumb_IMG_0120_1024 A breakdown of what I purchased;

thumb_IMG_0102_1024 This floral Shirt for £7.99 from H&M. I loved this when I saw it, as it is very bright and floral prints which is my favourite. This will go well with a pair of jeans or even dungarees. For the price I thought it was justified to buy it.

thumb_IMG_0115_1024 This short sleeve top which cost £2.50 for Primark. Yet a basic top but the beauty of a top like this is it has many ways it can be worn. How I imagine  to wear this is  either tucked into  my MOM jeans with a statement necklace or even with a pair of dungarees and a pair of converse.

thumb_IMG_0110_1024 Then lastly this blue summer dress which H&M had advertised in a campaign, I really liked it and remember saying to myself I want it. I got it on sale for £10!

It a nice floaty cotton dress and the bold aztec print and colours,  will be a great wear in the summer weather.

thumb_IMG_0107_1024 I am very happy with these purchases I made, and it shows how you can enjoy shopping. Even with a budget you are able to find great bargains to add to your wardrobe!