Bloggers Ball 2016!

Bloggers Ball 2016!

I have been really excited to write this post as I really want to share my first experience to a bloggers event. I attended the Bloggers Ball last week on the 18th June which is hosted and organised by the talented and committed Scarlett who has her own blog “Scarlett London”. I remember when I first came across her blog, she also hosted blogger events as she is aware that attending events can be difficult for new bloggers and wants bloggers to meet new people. It was a no brainer to not go and I did! I went with a very good friend of mine and we were excited and I  was especially quite nervous as I did not know what to expect as it was my first ever event to go to. Plus we had no idea what to wear as it was a Ball and we wanted to make an effort!

It was hosted at DSTRKT club in London which was very easy to find near M&M world!

thumb_IMG_0472_1024 As we entered it was very busy with a bubbly atmosphere full of content influencers and other bloggers. After greeting Scarlett as she gave out leaflets for the location of where the  different brands were placed and handing in our coats in the cloak room. As you entered you are hit by many brands and people. It was jammed! There were waiters handing out canapés and bites on trays and photographers around taking pictures. Literally, the majority of people there were either taking photos with their camera or vlogging! It was a new world for me LOL.

thumb_IMG_0476_1024 thumb_IMG_0505_1024

It was a tight squeeze inside but I got the hang of it. There was a great energy and positivity around the place which just made the experience more worthwhile and enjoyable. Everyone made a real effort too, with their outfits which is great!

There were an array of brands, from beauty, jewellery, lifestyle, food and fashion. In addition I received so many goodies which I have started using and will write a post to review them as I believe it is worth sharing! I really liked the brand “Exuviance” which was the first brand we went to as they were really nice at the table and gave useful facial advice and gave me a night cream to try out to help with issues I have with my face.

thumb_IMG_0477_1024 Another brand that I liked was “Vatika” the hair range which specialises in including Argan oil in their products and hair treatment. Will be perfect to use especially as I am treating my natural hair and these products will be great to use for my hair type.  I am really excited to try the shampoo and coconut oil they gave me as we all know the wonders using coconut for your hair LOL. They too were very welcoming at the table too.

thumb_IMG_0481_1024 thumb_IMG_0482_1024 The old school favourite brand of “SO” was also there and me and Darcie went through memory lane when we went to this stall. SO is that product that we all used in secondary school and will spray extensively after PE LOL. They were very generous at the stall and have a few treats that can keep in my bag 🙂

thumb_IMG_0511_1024 thumb_IMG_0513_1024 There was a beautiful jewellery brand which I fell in love with called “Fei Liu”. They had rose gold jewellery and really nice bracelets. I really loved the jewellery they had and it was very popular with other people.thumb_IMG_0490_1024 thumb_IMG_0489_1024

There were numerous competitions going throughout the day for people to take part in and also a really fun photo booth where you had to dress up with props which was a good memory as you could keep the photo.

All in all it was a really fun day for me and a learning curve as a beginner blogger, an eye opening experience that will be with me throughout by blogging career. I met a few bloggers too which is what this event is all about, I met a blogger who focuses on beauty but is now doing more lifestyle and another blogger who said she writes anything! I want to thank Scarlett for hosting an event like this and she should definitely have a pat on the back as it was a real joy to go to. For my first experience I learnt do not carry heels as I did not even wear them LOL and also learnt I shouldn’t be as nervous as I was as some people there were very friendly and welcoming and at the end of the day we are all there to have a good time and meet new people! – This link will take you to the events that Scarlett has hosted and is planning to host 🙂


Selfie with Darcie 🙂


I apologise for the length of this post but I really wanted to share with you the Bloggers Ball and share photos. I will slowly write reviews of some of the products I am using that I got at the event. Let me know in the comments if you also attended the event and how your thoughts on the event 🙂 xxx