Catching some rays in December!

Catching some rays in December!

I spent my Christmas and New Years with my family in the sunny desert!  A very modern city in the desert. Dubai. It was a change to our traditional Christmas celebrated in the UK. We wanted to try a change and as it was a busy year within the household. It was a chance for us to relax and be carefree.

It was a really relaxing and active holiday. To be in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas they truly catered to those that do celebrate it. The whole city was full of lights that showed that Christmas had arrived. The temperature was perfect, still very warm but a feel of English summer evening chill was apparent in the evenings.

On New Years Eve we went to watch the laser show on the Burj Khalifa. The laser show show was new this year. The NYE show usually consists of an over the top firework display, however this year they changed it. They did a laser show which had an array of different colours and then showed a countdown to 2018. To be honest it wasn’t as grand as the usual firework display which Dubai usually host. The laser show wasn’t show-stopping which Dubai are known to do.

The city was very busy during this period. I have been to Dubai in the summer and going in December is far busier. So much more traffic on the roads and swarms of people everywhere!! As this was my second time visiting Dubai I really wanted to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I had seen so many photos on Instagram and it looked absolutely stunning and it is one of the top places to visit in Abu Dhabi! I’m so glad we went! It is a real pinch me moment seeing the stunning exterior and interior of the mosque! I also had to wear an Abaya which all women had to wear in the mosque so I had the full experience. This was a real highlight of the trip.

Another highlight was visiting the beautiful Miracle Garden. The garden is full of grand and bold floral displays! The reason its called Miracle garden is because they have all these flowers within a desert! We went on New Years Day which also happened to be the warmest day throughout our whole trip! So it wasn’t ideal spending the afternoon exposed to the warm sun but we still thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Miracle garden.

Had the opportunity to go on a boat cruise on The Palm which was a really cool experience. Seeing landscape views of Dubai and going up close up to the famous Atlantis hotel. As well as visiting downtown old Dubai where they have the Gold Souks and perfume, spice souks I really love that part of Dubai. As it is the part of Dubai which feels less tourist like but also has snippets of some culture and shows it is not just luxury and high class also.

There is so much food choices there that you will never be bored. In fact as there is so much selection at times I found it hard what to choose. The famous Cheesecake Factory from America is also in Dubai. We had that on our last evening and of course had to have a cheesecake which was such a sugary super delight. I shared it with my brother it was the peanut butter Reeses one.

It was really enjoyable to spend Christmas and New Years in another country and to witness how a different culture embrace the holiday, and spend it with my family. It is a place to unwind and relax and if you want to catch some rays the perfect place to go. Especially as during that time the sun is actually bearable. Let me know whether you have travelled to Dubai or any other UAE country and if so what did you like or not like. Enjoy! xxx