Definitely not Blue Monday!

Definitely not Blue Monday!

Blue is my favourite colour, I don’t know why but I have always been drawn to the colour blue. Seriously, if you look in my wardrobe I have so many blue items of clothing, trainers and shoes. Blue Monday is a term used in Britain to mark the most depressing day of the year which usually falls on the third Monday in January. I know you are probably thinking that we are in April….not January but this outfit made me feel so happy and not ‘blue’. The phrase ‘blue Monday’ paints a depressing picture of my favourite colour, blue. So I was curious to find out what the colour blue represents.

“The colour blue is a popular choice and symbolises; Loyalty, cleanliness, understanding, peace, serenity, wisdom and trust”

The meaning behind the colour blue represented some traits of who I am as a person. Hmmmm maybe that’s why I love blue, especially baby blue! However why is it then used to describe the most depressing day of the year?! It is a mystery to me but this outfit made me feel the complete opposite. I felt free, happy, relaxed and comfortable. Additionally as it is a baby blue top and light blue denim jacket I really felt I embraced my favourite colour blue. The sun was shining and I saw it as a great opportunity to have fun and take some photos in the sunshine.


Top – H&M

 Culottes – Topshop

Shoes – Clarks

Oversized Denim Jacket – Topshop Tall

Let me know whether you love the colour blue as much as I do and if it makes you feel really happy and comfortable like it does for me!