Dreamgirls was AMAZING!

Dreamgirls was AMAZING!

“We’re your dreamgirls boys we’ll make ya happy.. yeahhhhh!”. OMG it was amazing. Last week I went to see Dreamgirls with my friend Sophie at the Savoy Theatre! I remember when she told me that they will have the show coming to London and Amber Riley will be casted in the production. It was a no brainer! It is no secret I am a HUGE Beyonce fan and if you did not know… I am a huge Beyonce fan LOL. She played the character Deena in the movie which was released in 2006! Therefore when Sophie saw that the movie was coming to the theatre it was a no brainer and of course we had to make it possible. It was a Christmas present from our wonderful mothers and we could not thank them enough!

This is the first time that Dreamgirls has been done in the UK so it is a big achievement for the musical. Unfortunately Amber Riley who was suppose to play as  Effie White who is   Jennifer Hudson in the movie was very ill and could not play the part. In fact the two previous nights before ours they had to be cancelled as the  understudy was also sick! We were extremely lucky on the day then. I must say I was slightly sad when I found out that Amber was not going to perform as it was one of the big factors that made me want to see the musical. Nevertheless I got over it and did not want that to spoil the evening and the musical.

I must say I LOVED it! The costumes, acting, dancing and of course the singing was extremely good. The replacement for Effie was played by Marisha Wallace she was flown from America to play the part as she has played Effie before in America. She was incredible her voice was so powerful it hit me deeply. You could tell she wanted to prove a point as it was a packed  and sold out show and people came to see Amber Riley. She did not disappoint! She sang “I am changing” and “One night only” so perfectly! In fact when she sang “One night only” I could see people wiping their eyes after the performance it was just great.

The whole cast was phenomenal I really loved the individual performance of Jimmy Early (Eddie Murphy in the movie) who was hilarious he had a funny one liner that made the whole crowd crack up “RnB stands for rough and black” LOL when he said that it was such a funny moment at the beginning of the musical.

All in all this was probably one of the best musicals I have seen. It had the whole package, good story line, singing and overall performance. I definitely will want to see it again! Enjoy! xxx