Festive Dresses for the Party Season

Festive Dresses for the Party Season

Hello people’s! Hope everyone had a very good Christmas! This festive season is where you see the most glitter and sparkle throughout the whole year! It is a good opportunity to treat yourself and get dressed up for an event or a social outing! I have been searching for a party dress, as for New Years Eve I have an event that I will be going for and need an OUTFIT! Here are a two outfits which I love!

Topshop Tall – £39

 LOVE this, the shimmer and colour is everything! I think this will be a comfy wear to and will be great with like a mini heel open toe shoe. The only thing stopping me is that the shoulder is open so I can get chilly!

 Velvet Twist Front Mini Dress – £29

What I like about this dress is the fact it is velvet and the colour is a colour you will not expect to see over this winter period. A lovely blush pink and will be great with a pair of silver or black heels.

Boxing Day Sales has started so will definitely have a look as who knows what I may come across at a good bargain price! Enjoy! xxx