Galvin at Windows!

Galvin at Windows!

Couple of weeks ago, I visited the Galvin at Windows with my mother for the afternoon. It is situated on the 28th floor of the London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane and the restaurant specialises in French cuisine. I arranged the afternoon late brunch meal for myself and my mum.

I  researched and reviewed what people had said about the restaurant and there was a lot of positive things about this restaurant. The views I read were amazing and the food and drinks are also very delicious too. Therefore it made my decision easier in terms of booking our slot in.

The interior inside was so classic and sophisticated it definitely had that French feel to the place. The area that we sat in was the bar area, and as you walk in the open windows circles the entire room which means you have the sky-views of London, it was beautiful.

We had the perfect view of Hyde Park and could see London attractions such as The Shard and London Eye. It was a very relaxing and a calming seating area. At our table we were given complimentary nuts and also the menu of what we were eating on the day and what drinks we can order.

Mum and I both had the same drink which was called “Betty’s Garden” which had raspberries, strawberries, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and cranberry juice. This was definitely drinks that we will like as we are both guilty of having a sweet tooth. It is a very bright and bold drink which had fresh strawberries and raspberries on it. It was extremely refreshing and nice and cold which is what we needed.

Then came our food  which was full of numerous goodies too tuck into. I really liked how it came on the wooden slab to make it a bit more quirky and different from a usual plate.

We had mini burgers, prawn tempura, Korean chicken, goats cheese on raisin bread, Canelé (French pastry filled with custard in the middle) and these like cheese balls on a mustard sauce. 

My favourite by far was the mini burgers! It was so tasty and tasted so wholesome, it was the perfect size not to small or to big, but a good enough size to fill the satisfaction. Then I loved the Korean teriyaki style chicken which was something I do not usually eat but was sweet and seasoned properly. The prawns was lovely too as the batter wasn’t too thick or oily. Then it was nice to have a sweet treat with the Canelé. We also met the friendly and charming manager, Fred Sirieix who happens to run the restaurant which is featured in the popular Channel 4 programme “First Dates” in the UK. Fred manages the Galvin at Windows and that was a unexpected surprise to see him while we were there!

I would definitely visit Galvin at Windows again, as the drinks and food was very tasty and refreshing and the service is of a high standard and quality. Furthermore the views are very nice and sitting that high you are able to appreciate the views of London, while eating and drinking. It also makes for a nice day out, as once finished from there can head to Hyde Park or even Oxford Street.

Let me know in the comments below if you have visited the Galvin at Windows and whether you enjoyed your experience there! Enjoy! xxx