Garnier Micellar Water Preview!

Garnier Micellar Water Preview!

I have finally bought this product! Yes I know I am late to the party. LOL ok… your probably thinking it is just a small bottle of water? Well yes that is correct.. but it is magic water!  However I have been meaning to try this product for quite a while now. Many Bloggers and YouTubers have talked about this product. Majority of the reviews are positive, therefore I wanted to give it a go!

Micellar Water has gained a lot of momentum now in the UK due to the fact many Bloggers and YouTubers are raising the awareness of the product. It grew and started up in Paris a city that is very skin conscious.  Micellar water is made up of micelles which are small balls of cleansing oil molecules which is meant to attract dirt and oil that we have on our skin. It is becoming an necessity to have in your beauty kit to remove make up because it is not a harsh solution and easy to use on your skin.

To be honest I do not always wear heavy amounts of make up everyday, however I do wear a lot of eye makeup..mascara is my best friend in terms of make up product LOL. Regardless I still want to try this product as it removes ALL make up from eyes, face and lips.

The Garnier one really appealed to me and I bought this tester bottle at a reasonable price of £1! I want to start of slowly with a small bottle and see how it works for me. From what I have read about the Garnier one I like that it can be used on all skin types whether dry or sensitive. Additionally it is fragrance free which means it should not cause any irritation to anyone’s skin. I am hoping that from using this Micellar water my face will be feeling hydrated and refreshed in an instant as they advertise the product to do so.

I will do a post once I have used it to let you know my review of the product. Let me know in the comments whether you have used this Garnier one or is there a different brand that deserves a mention of their Micellar water. Enjoy! xxx