Iceland knocks England out of the European Championships

Iceland knocks England out of the European Championships

What a week it has been for the country of England. Last Thursday I witnessed the historic referendum vote which oversaw the UK’s departure from the European Union but now there is also another European exit out of the European Championships hosted in France. I still cant believe the result and the performance that I witnessed from the England players last night.

I was watching the game with my brother and we were so shocked by the performance. I must say congratulations to Iceland for a great achievement, the smallest nation to be in the Euros and they put out a blinding team performance. They worked extremely hard and won the game 2-1 to progress to the quarter finals at the expense of England.

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The game was very humiliating not only for the players, but the managing and coaching staff but also raises questions on the quality of English players. It is without question in my eyes the darkest day in the history of english football and a very clear reminder of how far behind England really are compared to the top nations. On paper this England team should beat Iceland comfortably but not only did they just struggle to get going all night they lacked bite and urgency to not let this catastrophe happen, but it did. England a nation with the most lucrative league in world football out against a nation without one professional football club. England had an easy group in the qualifiers and the real test was when they reached the tournament. The win against Wales was to a lucky Jamie Vardy goal and a moment of magic from Daniel Sturridge. Other than that England failed to put in a convincing performance throughout the whole tournament. Immediately after the game Roy Hodgson the England Manager since 2012 resigned, and put an end to his ultimately disappointing reign as England manager.

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As for the rest of the tournament, who is going to win?! Can it be the underdogs in Belgium or Wales or can it be the hosts France, World Cup winners Germany or Italy who are looking great defensively and offensively

I will enjoy the rest of the Euros and not dwell much on the England result even though it is still hard to accept. What I do know is whatever  happens to the England national team, there needs to be some serious head scratching to inject hope to the England fans.