Jumper and Coat Wishlist!

Jumper and Coat Wishlist!

As of recent I have been eyeing so many things online that I WANT. I am currently in the process of decluttering and recycling my old jumpers so I have a legitimate excuse to repurchase. Additionally, it doesn’t help when your friends also are in the shopping mood and go to the point of sending links to things they want which again inspires me to continue my ongoing search. Which makes it perfect timing to write a post on my wishlist desires!

I am looking for new jumpers to replace those old ones and also a new jacket for this season. This wish list will include some things I am lusting over to get my hands on and have been eyeing for a while!

Can we just appreciate this jumper?! It is from & Other Stories at £59! I am definitely in search for a red jumper. Red is definitely the colour for this Autumn season.  What I love about this jumper is firstly it’s oversized so will be perfect to tuck in with jeans and trousers. I love additionally that it is a turtleneck so will be nice to wear with layers during Autumn and Winter. I have seen this jumper all over on Instagram and worn by many bloggers which confirms to me why I need it. I know I will have a lot of fun styling this red jumper so it is definitely something I have my eye on. It is currently out of stock 🙁 ! SAD TIMES! I will be checking the stores in central otherwise let’s hope it restocks online!

What I love about this H&M ruffled jumper at £34.99 is the detail in the ruffles on the arms! I think its a jumper I can wear very casually or very dressy. It is versatile, especially in this beige colour. I especially like the chuffed wrists which again makes it quite a dressy and comfortable jumper to wear. Everytime I see it in the store I want it more and more!

This wool structured coat from Mango at £79.99 I saw last week in store. I am currently looking for a new coat that is durable and thick enough for the Autumn and also even for Winter. I love the colour of this coat. I am trying to stay away from the typical brown, black or grey coat but I want a coloured coat that is still appropriate but dark enough to wear on a daily basis. I ideally would love a burgundy one but then coming across this dark green/teal coat it has opened my eyes to other colours out there. I tried it on and it fit so well, long enough on the arms and length is perfect. I need to think about this one but I really do like it for a contender for a coloured coat.


You will either love or not love this Topshop jumper. Well, I love it! It’s unique and a tad quirky which is why I love it. The fact that it is slightly longer than a usual jumper will make it such a comfortable jumper to wear in the cold days of winter and Autumn. I love the frill neck detail and the colour is very Autumnal. It also has a very casual feel to it which is something I will definitely enjoy to wear.

Has everyone else seen this new trend of balloon styled jumpers?! I think it is such a cool style with the balloon sized sleeves and the rounded shape of the body of the jumper. I love this blue Topshop, blue is my FAV colour and when I saw this in the store I was instantly drawn to it. It is incredibly soft and again has that oversized feel to it which will be really fun to style up.

This coat I also really like from ASOS. I did mention how I want to stay away from a black, brown and grey coloured coats but what I really like about this ASOS Tall slim wool blend coat is how it looks fitted and the fact it is long. It looks very flattering and because of the colour, it can be matched with a lot of things.

Then lastly is this Violet turtleneck sweater from & Other Stories. I must say there is a lot of knitwear I have seen from & Other Stories that I LOVE! I saw this sweater and loved the soft cool colour of the violet and the fact it is turtleneck makes it quite a dressy yet casual knit depending how you style it. Again as you can see with the other pieces I like the oversized style arms and the chuffed wrists. I know the quality will be very good and will last for a long time. Plus I don’t have this colour in a sweater so will be nice to add to the collection.

There you have it this is my current wish list in terms of jumpers and coats that I have seen. It is a forever growing list but these choices I really do love and are ones that I am really considering! Let me know in the comments what you like and also which coat should I go for between the Mango or ASOS one as I am pretty stuck with the choice. Hope you enjoyed this and has given you some ideas to revamp your Autumn wardrobe! Enjoy xx