Loving the tunes from these lyrical ladies!

Loving the tunes from these lyrical ladies!

My music playlist has been updated recently, and wanted to write a post on the two artists that deserve a mention (and no not Beyonce LOL). I have been hooked on their new music as they have both released two new albums which shares their personal struggles written so beautifically.

Alicia Keys and Emeli Sande are the two amazing ladies. They are killing it me for recently and I have  their albums on repeat! I must even annoy some people on the train and tube for humming and bobbing my head along, oh well! They have both been away from the media attention which means they have been busy relaxing and of course writing new music.


Emeli Sande previous album “Our Version of Events” was a HUGE success so much so she had the honour to perform at Closing Olympic Ceremony at the 2012 London Olympics. From then on she had a four year break and has come back with the highly anticipated 2nd album “Long Live the Angels”. In between that four year break she went through marriage and divorce, therefore she had a lot to write to get off her chest. You can hear her upset and sadness through some of the songs. My personal favourites are;

  • Selah
  • Right Now
  • Shakes (Gave me goosebumps… LEGIT)
  • Hurts
  • Sweet Architect
  • Lonely

This album I believe is her way of recovery and also educating people that you may go through dark and upsetting times but there is always a way to overcome it. It may sound cheesy I know, but I honestly believe that is what she is hoping her album translates. Thumbs up to Emeli! Plus I have seen her live TWICE and she is amazing!


Alicia Keys is back and after working on this album “HERE”  for the last 15 years it is a album that is not only telling a story of her own personal experiences such as motherhood but societal and political situations that are still ongoing in the world we live. I must say this album has made me realise and remember how good she really is. I remember when I was younger and my dad said if you practise your piano properly you can play like Alicia Keys! LOL he always use to say that! She is so talented and the personal movement she is doing now with her natural hair and no make up is beautiful! My favourite songs are;

  • In Common
  • Holy War
  • Girl can’t be herself
  • Blended Family (What you do for love)
  • The Gospel
  • Hallelujah

These two ladies who have been hiding away,  have come back to share their personal and topical issues all in the name of MUSIC! If you are looking for some new music have a listen to these ladies. If you are listening to them what is your favourite song on their album will love to know! Enjoy! xxx