Mowgli Street Food Liverpool!

Mowgli Street Food Liverpool!

Incoming with a food restaurant review blog post! I was in Liverpool two weeks ago to celebrate my friend’s birthday which was a fabulous weekend. Just like London, Liverpool is a vibrant city filled with not only chain restaurants but also so really impressive independent businesses! It is on Bold Street which is a street in Liverpool that occupies many independent restaurants! Mowgli is a restaurant that was founded by Nisha Katona who gave up her 20 year career as a Barrister to open up a restaurant which is from her culture and heritage and provide food with love and nutrition. It specialises in Indian street style food as a tapas style. Th tapas style gives you that opportunity to share dishes and try as much as you can!

As a graduate in Marketing and Advertising I really love the branding of the restaurant! The aesthetics is beautiful, you get a very chilled vibes and atmosphere and a sense of comfort too. It has that modern twist but done in such a simple clean cut way.

 Myself and my other friend (Mary) who also joined the trip to visit Sophie in Liverpool, we both had never been to the restaurant and we were really excited. However as a trio I think we went a bit too much in the order LOL. We all ordered two curry dishes each but before that we shared starters too which was very filling.

I ordered a bowl of rice…..of course it was needed LOL and the two curry’s I ordered was “Goan Fish Curry” and “Agra Chicken Curry”. My favourite was the Agra chicken curry it was not to spicy and the chicken was very succulent. The Goan Fish Curry was surprisingly quite savoury in taste which I did not expect, it did have pomegranate in it which gave it that special twist.

 This was the starter we all shared which was “Gunpowder Chicken”. I think this was my favourite part of the meal. It was so addictive I could not stop eating. The chicken was not to dry and the sauce that came with it was so nice. The chicken was fried chicken but was not oily and was quite refreshing to eat.

These were my main curry’s which if you look closely you can see the pomegranate in the Goan Fish Curry. I really liked how they served the dishes in traditional silver steel plates and dishes and will stack it up when they brought it to the table. I highly recommend trying Mowgli if you are in Liverpool as it is real authentic Indian cuisine and a real nice atmosphere! If you LOVE spicy food then Mowgli is the place to be! It is also great to support local restaurants as they too have amazing food and can even be at cheaper prices the chain restaurants! Enjoy! xxx