My team which is Arsenal!

My team which is Arsenal!

I am not the most athletic and sporty person LOL believe me. It is a real struggle to motivate myself when it comes to playing sports, but when there is a eye catching and addictive game I am well inclined to sit in front of the tv and watch till the end. This brings me on to talk about a football club I support with the passion which are known as Arsenal, based in North London.

I will hold my hands up and say that having that interest with football was a gradual journey, I remember when I used to make fun of my brother and dad to the way they will react when Arsenal lose or if they had missed crucial goal opportunities. Now I can say….I feel that pain and it is not nice! My dad and brother took me to my first game which I remember it at the Emirates against Fulham. It was such a great experience! I remember when we left the stadium I was so excited and said to my dad and brother ‘when can I come again?’.


The atmosphere and the football chants from the fans was something I have never experienced. It was amusing yet refreshing to see how the Arsenal fans were so passionate and also witness the frustration they will go through with poor playing from the players or a missed opportunity.

Since then I attempt to regularly go to matches at the Emirates stadium, been to my first away game which was in Liverpool, been to Wembley and even witnessed them at the FA Cup Parade in 2015 which is when myself and my brother both had a photo taken with the manager Arsene Wenger once we left the parade and walking back to the train station! That was a surreal and unexpected moment!


I am a true Gooner (a term used to describe an Arsenal fan) and support the team even through the frustrating and disappointing times.

Therefore within my blog I will write regular reviews about matches they play and any other football related topics that interest me and want to share and enlighten to others.