Need help and ideas?

Need help and ideas?

I have been currently reading “How to style your brand” by Fiona Humberstone as I came across it from reading the blog ‘I want you to know’ by Kristabel Plummer.

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As I am currently in the process of building my new blog I wanted to read a book where it can give me ideas and help to structure and style my blog brand. Plus it was highly recommended by Kristabel as she went through the process of rebranding her blog.

I have really enjoyed the book! There are many suggestions, photos and references to those who work in the field such as graphic designers, illustrators and so on. It is an easy read and guide where you are able to refer back to key areas of the book.

One key stand out from the book, is the idea of how to possibly implement your brand identity for your blog with incorporating a seasonal season. The four seasonal seasons actually have a huge significance and are personalities that carry characteristics that may be best to demonstrate what you want to portray. I came to the conclusion that I am the Spring personality as some of the key Spring attributes mentioned are resemblance to who I am.

In addition in the book, Fiona explains the importance of choosing your colour identity. As your colour identity can say a lot to a reader or brand and also you want to portray that welcoming vibe with the content you produce.

All in all I highly recommend this book as it gave me some ideas and inspiration. Ideas which I may not have considered were of great help. If you need some help outside other blogs having this book will provide you with some answers.

I have attached the link below if you want to purchase the book 🙂