New Tastes in London

New Tastes in London

One thing about London when looking for a spot to eat is that you can never be spoilt for choices. The variety is endless which actually makes the decision making so hard! Where does one start when deciding where to eat?! This week I ate at two new places which I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share as it may make your decision making slightly easier.

First stop was at the Old Dutch Holburn! If you LOVE pancakes and sweet treats this is the place to go. The Old Dutch is a restaurant that serves sweet and savory pancakes and have special milkshakes to!

The menu has a lot of option so at first, I was slightly overwhelmed as there was a lot to choose from. In the end, I went for the Crispy bacon and Spinach – crispy strips of streaky bacon, cheese topped with baby spinach and baby tomato. I was shocked how big it was when it was served.  I did see other diners with their plates but actually seeing the size in front of me made me realise how big it actually was.

Luckily the pancakes are thin based not the traditional American thick pancakes! I liked the combination of how everything for my pancake worked and it was tasty. I will go again but when I go again I would possibly share a savoury with someone as on this occasion I was so stuffed that I couldn’t stomach any more food! It is a medium priced range as it is only pancakes with toppings and mine was £11.50.

Then later in the week, I visited the Thai restaurant called Rosa’s Thai Cafe in Victoria based on a recommendation from a friend.  I looked it up and was quickly impressed and reserved a table. It offers authentic Thai food and the founder Chef Saiphin was inspired by her fond memories and inspirations from places that she lived. Compared to the Old Dutch, the menu at Rosa’s is much more concise and smaller making it easier to make a choice.

As you enter the restaurant you can smell the aroma of the food and spices and the vibe of the restaurant was really chilled and mysteriously dark perhaps to set a certain mood for the restaurant. My friend and I decided to share a starter which was Pork Skewers with a soy and honey marinade with a dipping sauce. It was very delicious I don’t often order pork when eating out perhaps its something I should order more often, it was so tender and had a kick to it. For my main, I went for Rosa’s fried rice prawn. It was a special recommendation on the menu and was the first thing that caught my eye on the menu.

It was rice with Rosa’s stir-fry sauce, egg, and spring greens and you could choose from; vegetables & tofu, chicken/beef, and prawns. I was happy with the quantity on my plate as was just the right amount. The stir-fry sauce was just right if anything it could have been a bit spicier. I liked especially the spring greens and how the egg wasn’t overloaded in the dish. The main part of the meal for me was the prawns, beloved prawns just love them so much and they weren’t overcooked as overcooked prawns are not for me. Overall for the price of the food, I will highly recommend the place,  quick service and an easy menu to understand and choose from!

After this meal, my friend and I were in the mood for dessert. We ended up going to Bills to get dessert. A restaurant I have been multiple times for brunch, lunch, and dinner and it is a good spot for affordable and simple food. I would highly recommend going to Bills for their brunch and breakfast as that is what I have enjoyed the most! Again from looking at the menu the Banana Honeycomb Cheesecake with Vanilla ice cream. 

This was such a lovely sweet treat and was exactly what I was craving. There were banana bits in the cheesecake and a nice sweet crunch with the honeycomb bits. Honestly, it was so so good was really refreshing too and definitely sweet.

 Visiting these new restaurants is just a fraction of places in London to try out. A tip I take is to create a list whether on your phone, diary, spreadsheet whatever suits you and just keep a note of all these places to try out. If you see somewhere that looks really nice, write it down so you don’t forget! London is full of cool places to eat at reasonable prices. Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments whether you have visited Old Dutch or Rosa’s and will love to know thoughts about the place! Enjoy xx