On the way…. to new changes

At this moment I have been loving the song by Khalid feat Ty Dolla Sign and 6LACK titled “On the way”. I just love the beat and it’s so catchy. The song title is very fitting to how I’ve been recently, with lots of new positive changes going on and “on the way”…

I had April off which was such a needed thing to do. In that month I was able to do things like have a lay in, go to the gym and attend Zumba classes, catch up with friends and family. I was also able to go to Texas and visit my family in Austin and Houston which was such fun and a memorable trip. I was able to bond and relax with my family and continue to build more memories. The weather was warm and pleasant for a nice change. Also been to Stockholm the capital of Sweden. This was my first time and was super excited but nervous at the same time as it was for my new job as part of the on-boarding process in the company headquarters.

I must say Stockholm is a very pretty city with decorative architecture and some amazing food places too. I will for sure be writing a blog post on my time there so you can hear of my first impressions of the city.

The start of May takes me to starting my new job in London and new opportunities in my professional journey. I feel like I’m maturing slowly and growing a thicker skin. Things at the moment seem to be happening very quickly for me which I am very grateful for but also trying to get my head around. I’m really glad I took that month off as I needed a breather.

As Khalid says with “On the way” I feel like recently I have been coasting and been on the way to new opportunities.  This means having to adjust to another new routine in which I’m able to juggle many things but still have time to do the things I enjoy like creating content for my blog. Comment below if you have some new changes approaching as can you believe we are almost half way to the year! Enjoy xx