One year on already

One year on already

During the week, it marked a year since I graduated from my Undergraduate Studies. I just couldn’t believe it. Seeing on social media the university actively posting and sharing these years graduate ceremonies and seeing some people I know graduate with their MA degree it was a positive Déjà vu, which made me realise how quickly a year has flown by?!

That three year chapter closed which consisted of continuous worry, endless group work, late-night sessions in the library, cooking, eating, shopping, dancing in clubs the list can go on and on but ultimately the end goal was graduating and I did. What made it even more beautiful was graduating in the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral, which made it special as I mean not everyone gets to graduate in a Cathedral!

The day after graduation taking as many photos as we could!

And here I am in September 2017 on the road to completing my MA degree and it made me realise how a year went one so quickly and made me reflect on a few things.

How we should moan and complain less and literally use our days productively to the best we can. As literally the year will pass by you and you would not even realise. Yes we all moan and complain now and again, we are human, but if we try and limit it and actually invest in being happy and focused you can achieve many things and have access to new opportunities. I am getting quite deep but a year is not actually that long which is what I realised in all honesty, I mean to think this time last year I was finishing of my BA and preparing to start my MA to now almost finishing it’s actually crazy.

Be surrounded by people who are supportive and encouraging and overall make you happy. We need to be grateful for the things we have in our lives as every day is a day to conquer and work towards our goal!

Going to keep it short and sweet but really one year already has gone. And so grateful for the things I have been able to do since graduation till this day! Once things have calmed down and finished everything with the university I will definitely write a post on the joys and challenges of doing a masters course in London as I really want to share my thoughts as a lot of it has been joys but for sure there were challenges along the way.

Greenwich such a beautiful and cultured campus, back in September I believe leaving a class which finished at 7pm… yes 7pm, the joys ahahaha

Leave your comments if you have recently graduated or if you have already I will love to know what your emotions were on graduation day! Enjoy xxx

  • I also graduated last year and it’s so crazy how fast time has flown… quite sad also as I spent FOREVER waiting for university, super excited, then just like that – it was easy! I agree we should all try to moan less and just appreciate and soak up life as it is as the time.

    • Risum with Ameze

      Ahh nice! Ahhh yes you are right Kemi, the excitement starting university and then 3/4 years its gone! Yes exactly soak up life and enjoy what we have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kemi! xxx

  • Congrats on all your success and more to come! I’ve been out of school for a few years now but time does fly by so enjoy it while you’re there <3

    • Risum with Ameze

      Much appreciated Karen thank you! Yes I think everyone should live by that advice really enjoy it. I wish you all success for the future ahead of you. <3

  • Great posts and congrats! We definitely should seek to be more productive and happy.

    • Risum with Ameze

      Thank you for reading Isra! Exactly we must try and do it in our daily lives.


  • Such a great post. And I’m so happy for you. By the way congrats!

    Good Vibes, Team Fox
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    • Risum with Ameze

      Thank you so much for reading Rochelle, glad you enjoyed it! Always good vibes! I am on it heading over to your site now

      Ameze xx