Solo Wanderings

Solo Wanderings

Last week after some meetings in London, I went for a wander around the city as the weather was actually pleasant for once I mean must take the opportunity especially in London!  I was a lone ranger in the city and sometimes we must appreciate ‘me’ time.

It is said through various articles and studies that actually spending time alone has some huge benefits! Such as learning to trust yourself and using Google Maps…. BOOST in creativity, lower stress levels and improve relationships and a whole lot more of other things. It also allows you to be productive and venture new things.

I went for a wander and discovered parts of London which are highly shared on Instagram. I came across the pink 14 Trevor Square house which pops up now and again on Instagram. It is a really cute house and very toyish as it is not common to see a pink house! It is located in Knightsbridge and quietly slotted away from the busyness of the main streets. Trevor Square itself is a quiet residential area with real eye peeling houses such as 14 Trevor Square. I was so happy that I found it and actually made myself to go looking for it…with help from Google Maps.

I even met two photographers who were also taking photos and having a wander around to find secret pretty jewels dotted around London. The two ladies were called Nkima and Cristina who were so lovely and very chatty. It just proves how being alone not only allows you to find new things but gives you the opportunity to meet new people and actually talk to people.

Top – H&M

Jeans – Topshop

Trainers – Superstar Adidas

Belt – ASOS

When you have that spare time take it upon yourself to go exploring on your own. Endeavour to accomplish some task. I definitely saw how it made me more confident to get around a city and also meet some lovely people, being productive and discover parts of London.

Let me know in the comments below if you agree that solo wanderings are needed now and again and why we should take it upon ourselves to make it happen. Wish you safe wandering and productive solo explorations for the future peeps! Enjoy! xxx