Special find of the Ruffle Dress

Special find of the Ruffle Dress

When it comes to looking around shops whether it be online and in store to buy new things I have realised I am easily drawn to my favourite sites to start my trend search and purchases. There is one place that may be overlooked….SUPERMARKETS!  Yes, you should never underestimate or rule out the power of the British supermarket when it comes to looking for a skirt or even a dress to wear.

In the UK popular supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda have their own clothing ranges and sell affordable clothing. You may think ‘oh I don’t think it will be very trendy clothes in there’? But believe me, you may be surprised. For instance, this ruffle dress was a  special find in George which is the clothing range in Asda. The price was £7, but I really liked how simple yet playful the dress is. With the choker style round the neck and ruffled sleeves, it is a perfect summer dress to wear especially in this awesome yet sticky heat wave we have had currently in the UK.

What I especially loved with this dress is the length, not too short and just long enough, that I do not feel exposed. The sleeves which are short, adds to the cute and summer look as I didn’t feel restricted and uncomfortable with the material on my arm. Additionally, I styled it together with my gladiator sandals and my baby blue Accessorize cross body bag.

This special find all came from me having a look round Asda with my mum and coming across this dress. Times that I have bought from F+F (Tesco) or TU (Sainsbury’s) clothing ranges I have always been impressed. They must be keeping their eyes on the fashion trends and what is great about supermarket clothing brands is that they produced similar trends are affordable prices. A win-win situation!

Therefore when your next doing your food shop or have some spare time on your hands try out your supermarket clothing range and you never know you may find a special find that you may really like. Let me know in the comments if you like snooping around the clothing sections of supermarkets and if so which one is your favourite! Enjoy! xxx