Take that needed breather

Take that needed breather

A blog post has been long over due and I do have a legitimate reason,  my laptop has been dead. Thankfully Apple has come to the rescue and restored it back to life! I have been itching to get back on the grind with writing on my blog.

This post is about taking that needed breather!! It’s hard to believe that February is almost coming to a close. Before you know it, its spring! It made me realise how fast paced and non stop these weeks have been, and how I just need to take a breather. Since returning back from holiday in the new year it’s been non-stop. This has opened my eyes and also making me grow as a professional and as a young adult. Work has been very busy, and trying to balance full time hours as well as actually having a life. Additionally, over the first two months there has been a few birthday celebrations which have been fun but also tiring! With a lot going on, it made me realise how I should take time out to breath and relax.

If it means staying in all day Saturday and rearranging plans in order to feel fully charged then let it be. If it means going straight home on Friday after work, instead of post Friday end of week celebrations, then again let it be. I need to understand and accept how I need to listen to those around me and my body to STOP…..when enough is enough.

These photos that I took was way back in December 2017. This is a prime example of how on this day, given to us as a day off from work around the Christmas period to spend to do what we like. Whether that was last minute Christmas prep, having that much needed lay in or just resting. I met with my friend and we made a morning out of it by going into central London having breakfast and taking some photos. This is my idea of taking a breather as I was doing something that I enjoyed. This also shows how non-stop I have been, that these photos which were taken back in December are only coming out now in February 2018!

I guess it is easy to say ‘take a breather’ but I think it’s something we and even myself have to embrace more often. In order to enjoy times with family and friends and to do cool things, it is needed to feel fully charged which means take that needed time out.

Would love to know what you do to take a breather and also do you find it hard once in a while to stop instead of being on the go! go!! go!!!. Enjoy xxx

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