The month after!

The month after!

It is hard to believe that it has been a month already since I completed my Master’s degree! Like seriously?! In the year studying for my masters had so many joys and challenges which I feel is worth sharing!

Greenwich Campus

I truly loved my campus! Every time I went to Uni I will always pinch myself to remind myself how beautiful my campus is. Not just the campus but Greenwich the area itself. It is such a lovely part of London that does not have that hectic and crazy atmosphere like the centre of London. Greenwich is a lot calmer but still has that London vibe to it with of course the Greenwich market and Cutty Sark….. worth a visit! It was a real joy to spend my long days and lectures on the campus. However, my campus was also a challenge as I commuted daily from home to Uni. The commute one way, was about an one hour and a half. I had to be very disciplined to go use my hours productively as will leave home early and arrive at Uni early so would spend time in the library before classes and then arriving home very late after those late evening lectures.

Making friends from different cultures 

One thing I will hold with me, with my time in Greenwich is the close friends I made from different cultures and countries. I was so nervous on the first day, I remember sitting in the lecture room on my own with all these thoughts such as ‘im going to be on my own all day’ or ‘should I just start the conversation with the person next to me’. Oh I was wrong! If anything everyone was super friendly and open. I really enjoyed how diverse the class was! I knew the class will have students from all over but I didn’t know it will be that diverse. I have made friends with people from different ends of the world and even from neighboring countries such as Italy and Spain. It was such an enjoyable part of my experience from learning new languages… well attempting to learn different languages, eating food from different countries, listening to music from different countries and even pronouncing Zara the right Spanish way. The friends I made through my masters made the year go so quickly and opened my eyes even more to the world we live in and can’t WAIT to travel to see friends these friends in their own environment!

Communication and Teamwork 

Working in groups for group assignments especially with students whose first language isn’t English massively improved my communication skills. How to express myself and help others as clear as possible and also to speak as slow as possible. It is known that I can speak 100 miles per hour so I really learned throughout my degree that I have to be considerate of others in my team to communicate in a way that is easy for all. Working in groups had its challenges too, the majority of the time during my course I had really good groups that had the same determination and desire to work hard to get the best result. However at times, was a challenge to balance and include everyone ideas and participation. This is when I experienced adjusting to different cultural perspectives.

The Stress

I for sure had phases of stress during studying the degree! I easily get myself worked up and guilty of putting pressure on myself. You have to really want to do masters if your heart is not in it…. DO NOT do it. It involves a lot of time and hard work. You have to be interested to study and also make sacrifices in order to reduce the stress. Weekends in libraries whether that be finalising group reports or individual study also sacrifice not meeting other friends for fun stuff. The work is non stop as it is only a year, therefore, a lot of assignments cramped into one year, therefore, there is a lot they expect from you. So the masters for sure was a challenge and provided me stressful times but having supportive friends, classmates and family around you definitely helps.

Bundle of Fun

Surprisingly I had a lot of fun. In a weird way, I miss it. Yes, I do, the banter in class, the stressful moments in the library even the commute on the DLR. It was a lot of fun. I think because I learned a lot from my course, enjoyed some I repeat some of my assignments and met some amazing people. I really feel I had a good mixture of work and fun which made it such a joyous year with the challenges.

That’s my reflective roundup of my year of studying my master’s! I could have gone on and on but I restrained myself to talk about the relevant things that I learned and enjoyed. My Master’s degree journey was totally worth it! I will love to know whether you have studied a Masters degree or even undergraduate degree and what were your joys and challenges of doing it! xxx