The must have Trumpet sleeved blouse!

The must have Trumpet sleeved blouse!

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of floral prints and floral design I just love the variety that is out there in the stores and online. Furthermore, you can get your hand’s on very bold or minimal floral prints that can really bring out an outfit together. This particular outfit is one I put together on my recent trip to Oxford last weekend and one I believe showcases the power of floral.

This top “Trumpet sleeved blouse” is becoming my favourite top at the moment. It is from H&M and costs £29.99 which I think is a reasonable price for a statement blouse. It was chosen for me by Lizzy during our styling session as she knew how much I love florals. I absolutely love the top. The fact that it is black it is perfect to wear with any bottom and the trumpet long sleeves are the trend at the moment. I feel so playful and relaxed in this blouse and as a chiffon material, it is lightweight and not too thick on the body.

I wore my boyfriend styled denim jeans which are from ASOS. I realised I had not worn these jeans in a long time or enough and thought it may be a good combination putting them together! These jeans are quite a statement pair which I like about them making it quite a unique purchase. I like that the jeans have this painted floral print on it and the light wash denim colour is perfect for a summers day even though in Oxford is wasn’t the brightest of days.

The floral print on the blouse and jeans really complimented each other. I wore my very old but trusty navy high top converse and also wore my black choker which I got from H&M. Jacket wise I did wear my khaki bomber jacket with fur as it was quite a dull and windy day and it is the perfect outwear to wear with this unpredictable weather.

It is, therefore, a must have to purchase a trumpet sleeved blouse especially a floral one! It is a versatile blouse which can be dressed up or down. In this outfit, I wore it as more of a casual feel but if I was to dress it up I would maybe wear black jeans and a blazer with flats or tuck it into a skirt such as a long maxi or midi skirt. This outfit may be quite OTT or loud but it can be adjusted to however you feel comfortable! For instance, instead of wearing jeans which already have floral painted on them you could just wear plain blue denim jeans.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any trumpet blouses and if so what do you like about them! Hope you enjoyed the post and it has given you some ideas for a future outfit! Enjoy!