Two more weeks until Premier League!

Two more weeks until Premier League!

Two weeks from today will be when at last I will return to the Kings of North London and watch Arsenal in their first Premier League game for 2016/17 season.  It has come around so quickly and a new season is upon us! I must say I am excited that League football is returning as even though towards the end of the previous season I was getting annoyed and tired of how the season was playing out for Arsenal, so I wanted it to end. Therefore having that needed break from premier league football was good and watching the Euro Championships in France was also refreshing to watch.

With two more weeks until the opening game, we (me brother and dad) are eagerly awaiting the signing of a striker and defender which is needed to strengthen and provide any hope for Arsenal’s chances of winning the title this season. It is all clear from Arsenal fans how we need a striker and a defender especially as we already have some injuries to key players and also some late arrivals from key players who have an extended break as they took part in the Euro Championships over the summer.


With rival teams around us strengthening and making their needed signings, it is a waiting game right now to see what happens. I just want the right decisions to be made to make the fans happy and really excited for the season ahead. All Arsenal fans including myself want the league, I mean who doesn’t! But we have to strengthen to make it happen, and it must happen this season as it is possibly Arsene Wenger last season at the club and he at least deserves to leave the club with a trophy especially with all the great things he has done for the club in the past and present.

The first team are currently in LA on their pre season tour and have more pre season games lined up in order to prepare them for the season ahead. Next week they play against Manchester City in a friendly game which will be a good game to watch and test their fitness and competitiveness against another Premier league rival.


The stadium tunnel which is where on 14th August the players will need to be in the zone!

 So it is a waiting game right now to see what transfer signings will be made. I just hope something is done as otherwise it will bite us back. Having some new signings will get fans excited and pumped for the season as right now even though I cant wait to return to the Emirates, I am very aware that we need some few additions to make us potential League winners!

Come on you gunners! xxx