Unexpected Sunshine in London!

Unexpected Sunshine in London!

The Sun I do believe does make you feel happier! There are various scientific articles and general articles talking about how the Sun is proven to make an individual feel much happier as it increases your vitality and energy.

Which made me reflect on this day that happened at the start of the week, in which the Sun was beaming out and this outfit I wore was so unexpected on how it matched the natural sunlight! The day entailed with my to film for an University assignment so I had to head to Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre and Canary Wharf. This took the whole morning and early afternoon. After a relaxing and much needed lunch at Canary Wharf, filming was continued and  then finished. Next on the list was a group meeting in which serious concentration was needed. I mean I thought it was going to be difficult with the sunshine being out and being in a group with your friends, the two do not mix well together! HOWEVER, the group session was successful and got what we needed to be done.

My point exactly is that I pre meditated that this day was going to be awful, stressful and very long. It turned out to be the complete opposite! It was such a productive and stress free day and the day went very quickly and was an enjoyable day. This is why I believe the sun had a massive influence on my attitude and mood. It made me feel relaxed and happier…..cringey…..yes…but I really think that this was the case.

In the midst of the filming  with my group  we found a great place where there was a Cherry Blossom trees and Daffodils. It was so beautiful.We had a mini photo shoot as you have to take a great advantage of this unexpected sunshine especially in London!

Looking back on this day I really loved my outfit which I got to wear my new pair of ASOS Boyfriend Jeans and this stripey green shirt I bought from Topshop last year. I also recently been recently trying out chokers, just to update my look and experiment with new accessories they are on trend so why not try them out!


Shirt – Topshop

Jean – ASOS

Shoes – Converse

Choker – Topshop (bought in a sale for £3)

Belt – ASOS

Unexpected sunshine resulted to it being a positive and productive day and the outfit really fitted perfectly to the day. This is making me really excited to what else lies ahead as we near closer to the first official day of Spring which is on the 21st March! Hope you enjoyed the post! xxx