Waffle House

Waffle House

I do love food, food glorious food!! I especially love to try out at independent cafes and restaurants. A favourite of mine is the Waffle House in St Albans. It says it all in the title, WAFFLES! They do sweet and savoury waffles!


Maple syrup ūüôā

It is in a really quaint and peaceful area of St Albans with a watermill that is still in operation from the 16th century.

It is a really lovely place to go during the summer and I like to seat outside when I go with my  friends and family, if the weather is nice that is! Last week I paid a visit there with my friend Tomi as I really wanted her to try it out, before she went home. Especially as at University I will always talk about it so highly LOL.


I had the Banana flapjack waffle which was soo yummy. I have never tried this one from all the numerous times I go and wanted to try it it as it sounded really sweet and filling. I also had Vanilla ice cream with it. You can either have the option of  Vanilla ice cream or  fresh whipped cream. I always go with ice cream because the Vanilla ice cream is just perfect.


Yasssss get in my tummy

 I also got a banana milkshake as they are so fresh and cooling and very popular at the Waffle House. It was perfect as it was a very warm day and complemented the waffle I had as there were bananas on it.


Banana milkshake

 Tomi had a waffle with chocolate sauce and a vanilla milkshake. We could not stop laughing as the presentation of her waffle was so basic and mine came out looking all mighty and glory. I felt really bad for Tomi, as it was her first experience, she was expecting her waffle to look similar to mine at least. But nevertheless she did love the chocolate sauce and the milkshake!

IMG_3448 All in all I highly recommend a visit to the Waffle House, it is a good place to treat yourself and possibly try something you have never thought of trying like a Chilli Con Carne waffle!

Let me know which waffle you would of chosen ¬†from mine or Tomi’s as we discussed that I should put up the photo of both to see which one looks most appealing LOL. Enjoy!