What lies ahead for Arsenal?

What lies ahead for Arsenal?

Currently for all Arsenal fans this is a time of fear, uncertainty and worry. Yes I am talking about a football club. Not just any football club but Arsenal Football Club who I am very passionate about, just like every other Arsenal fan. We are currently going through a tough spell in fact it is the worst spell that the club has gone through in the last 21 years since Arsene Wenger took charge of the club.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding star players leaving, players not playing for the club or manager, conflict in the dressing room amongst players, a toxic divide between fans against the board and manager and of course about Arsene Wenger.

Who is to blame? Is time running out for Arsene Wenger? Personally I do not think it is fair for Arsene Wenger to get all the blame, he has devoted his time to this club and created great history and memories for us fans. In fact he really deserves respect. It is natural that he will get a lot of the blame as at the end of the day he is the manager and he sets out the team and guides training. I am worried for him, his legacy is slowly being tainted due to this extremely poor season Arsenal have had, over the years we’ve seen Arsenal lose to sides they really should be beating, but they always came through and finished in the top four even in our most finally restrictive periods, but that back against the wall magic we have become accustomed to seeing Wenger produce even that is warning which only causes more worrying signs.

As for the players they have a job, play for club and fans. Recently some of the players I have really questioned whether they are doing their job. Players need to understand as fans we want to see passion from the players and fight till the end. Yes I know as Arsenal fans we should admit we can be seen as greedy, always finishing in the top 4, witnessing the best style of football (biased yes) and having a great stadium. Fans want trophies and to see passion from players. The frustration from fans also is because we always seem to crumble in important cases and history always repeating itself every season. Therefore fans want change…. and quick.

I want to hear what is happening in terms of the manager situation as I think as fans we deserve some news on the situation. I just want clarity especially in situations such as contracts with key players. I do think that what lies ahead for Arsenal is not going to be straightforward, change is not magic. I think patience is going to be needed by fans, I want change definitely, but we need to be smart and logical. Replacing Wenger is not going to be easy like 1+1 so we need to be patient.

Arsenal fans lets unite together at least till the end of the season. It has been a disappointing season very but lets not forget our love and support for Arsenal Football Club. Next game is Sunday against Manchester City returning to the Emirates after the International break. COYG!