Why one should visit Cute Canterbury!

Why one should visit Cute Canterbury!

I must say I don’t know why it has taken me this long or why I haven’t visited Canterbury earlier, considering I have a very close friend, from youth who has spent four years of her life at the University of Kent. Just recently went to visit my friend just in her last weeks of completing her post graduate studies before heading home for good!

It is a city filled with lots of history with a modern twist which perfectly suits students who study and live there. Additionally, we were so lucky that the weekend I went the weather was very nice, very warm and sunny! The weekend went so quickly and my friend was super organised, she prepared an itinerary for the weekend. We went on a boat tour with Canterbury Punting Co for a historic tour and it cost £10. The tour included a live commentary which took us through the picturesque sights and gave us a historical overview of Canterbury. The boats used by this company is also all handcrafted boats which are even better! I couldn’t believe how clear the water was. The tour lasted around 40 minutes but went really quickly as we absorbed in the sights and sounds of the views from the boat. You could also take a private punting boat trip if you wanted to and get a feel of Venice in the UK with that special someone. One can dream!

For lunch, we ate at The Old Weavers Restaurant which we noticed on the boat tour as we passed the garden which was buzzing and looked so beautiful with the green and flowers as it is located on the water edge. Unfortunately, outside seating was busy so had to sit inside. It was very quirky inside with the theme and decor. It served traditional British dishes and lunch styled dishes. I went for a traditional beef roast it was delicious!


It is a must to visit Canterbury Cathedral! It is one of the oldest and most famous cathedrals in England. It is listed as a World Heritage Site so it has a lot of significance and a worthy of a visit if you can. I did not realise how big it is! Just like many cathedrals, it has its high ceilings and beautiful stained windows. The cathedral had that gothic style to the exterior which makes it pleasing to the eye. The cathedral has some beautiful outside gardens too which looked even nicer on such a sunny summers day and also had that Hogwarts style to it also!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and if you are looking to visit a new city with a mix of culture, food, and shopping then Canterbury is the place to go! Let me know in the comments whether you have visited Canterbury or anywhere else in the county of Kent! Enjoy! xxx