Wimbledon Themed Afternoon Tea

Wimbledon Themed Afternoon Tea

The best tennis grand slam has started in the UK……Wimbledon! I mean why would you not like Wimbledon?! Two weeks of entertaining tennis and the added extras of food, long queuing and the brilliant atmosphere. I have been lucky enough to go and I highly recommend it.

It was one of my closet friends, Maddy’s 21st birthday last Sunday and on her birthday we attended a Wimbledon Themed Afternoon Tea at London Charing Cross! Maddy was the first person to take me to Wimbledon and I loved it! Since then I have been hooked and try and follow up on tennis when I can. Furthermore she was the person that got me in to Tennis especially as she does a tennis scholarship in America. Anyway enough rambling but the point I am trying to make is that tennis is a loved sport by Maddy, therefore when she arranged this Afternoon Tea for her birthday I knew it was going to be a lovely day…. which it was!

It was hosted at the Amba Hotel at Charing Cross which is a beautiful hotel with high ceilings and very modern inside. It was very posh! It was also very good value for money because we were able to go through with an online voucher that was found. Gotta to love a good deal 🙂

thumb_IMG_0591_1024 In terms of the Wimbledon theme they made sure the decoration involved the tennis balls, champagne, Wimbledon inspired cakes and even got a glass of Pimms!

thumb_IMG_0628_1024  We were served with exceptional service and each had a choice of a tea. I went for the “White tea with pear and ginger”. I am not usually a fan of infused flavoured tea but it was an opportunity to try something different and I did enjoy it, I was scared it would be too gingery but it was not!

thumb_IMG_0599_1024 thumb_IMG_0600_1024

 The table setting was so lovely and the tea pot that Mary and Aisling had was a beautiful vibrant red with detailed decoration. The table setting was lovely and we all had a great time taking photos and snapchatting LOL.

thumb_IMG_0613_1024 thumb_IMG_0615_1024 thumb_IMG_0609_1024 Everyone really enjoyed the Pimms, it was really refreshing. When the trays came out with our food we were so excited as we were very hungry and also there was so much. I really enjoyed the ham sandwich as it had like a tomato sauce in it that made it taste really different which is something I had not tried before. The scones were great too, a perfect size in which we would not feel as full so we could enjoy all the food on offer. The cakes were so cute. The was a tennis racket biscuit and there was a court themed cream slice too! There was also yellow macaroons too which were lemon flavoured! Also had strawberry tarts too with fresh strawberries. The cakes and deserts were delicious!


thumb_IMG_0620_1024 thumb_IMG_0624_1024 We had a second round of tea and just relaxed and ate at a good pace. We had a nice area too where we were sitting. I really enjoyed the strawberry tart and the macaroon was lovely too.


Birthday girl Maddy!


thumb_IMG_0617_1024 All in all it was a really enjoyable day and the food was really delicious, there were empty plates filling the table hahaha! The novelty of it being Wimbledon themed made it a memorable experience and also a good day for Maddy on her birthday. This again just highlights what you can do in London, that London is full of interesting and fun things to do, you will never get bored. Just be on a lookout to find things and make sure you make the most of it! Enjoy.