72 hours in Berlin!

72 hours in Berlin!

Christmas is literally around the corner! And December has already flown by! About 2 weeks ago, I visited Berlin for the first time for the weekend! It was our work Christmas party which was totally cool as it was in another country! I have heard many positive things about Berlin, especially during the Christmas time! So I was super excited that I had the chance to go not only to work but also for pleasure too!

I spent 72 hours in a new city and just wanted to write a few parts that I really liked and saw! I must say it was very cold. It was slightly colder than the UK, so wearing additional layers was essential. First impressions of Berlin is that it’s very dusky with a lot of overcast. By that I mean it wasn’t very bright and inviting. Which isn’t a bad thing! I think the time of the year had played a part. However, it was still busy with many tourists and local people around the city. Our hotel was very very close to East side of the Berlin wall. So it was very cool to see the historic wall so close by!

The hotel was very close to the Oberbaum Bridge which is considered one of the city’s landmarks and an important symbol of Berlin’s unity. It has a real gothic architecture to the bridge which I liked a lot.

The things I heard from my colleagues and friends who have visited Berlin before is to try bratwurst and the meister burgers! You can’t tell me twice! There was a really popular burger place called the ‘Burgermeister’. Rumour has it that the place is actually a converted toilet…. fun fact. But the queue was soooooo long which I take as a good sign! I ordered the ‘meisterburger’ with cheesy chips. It was amazingggg. Portion size was perfect and the burger was so juicy, everything worked together. Writing this post is making me dream again about the burger which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was also at a good price, for the burger, chips and a can of coke it came to 10 euros which I think is ok!

Saturday consisted of a lot more sightseeing and of course a Christmas market! My friend had been to Berlin last year for the office Christmas party so she was the perfect tour guide for me, especially to show me places I must see before jetting home. Headed more central to the city centre and first saw the ‘Memorial of murdered Jews’ a Holocust memorial. This memorial had a contemporary twist to it as there were large concrete slabs organised in rows and a grid pattern.

You could feel a sense of respectfulness and solemness from people around the memorial site. I would on a next visit love to have a guided tour to get an explanation of the memorial site and the history of what happened. From here we walked, not a long walk to Brandenburg Gate. This is a big centre point of Berlin and a popular monument of Berlin! It is located in the area of Mitte and is a symbol of German history and unity and peace. It was a buzzing area with some peaceful protest also happening nearby.

After this, we went more to the centre and done a spot of window shopping. Had a peek inside Galleries Lafayette which is truly stunning. Although the Paris one is still the best! Then made our way to the Christmas market called ‘Gendarmenmarkt’ which is located between the cathedral and concert hall.

This market is a very popular one with numerous gift and food stalls. There is a one euro entrance fee but definitely worth it. Slightly crowded but we went at a good time as by the time we were leaving was getting much busier. I, of course, had to have a bratwurst which was very tasty and only 3 euros! Also had very warm and sweet hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream on top which was a treat. There were stalls with really cute ornaments and festive gifts which were all very pretty.

Everything is situated close to each other which made it very easy to get around once we got an uber to the memorial site, from there and the rest of the afternoon everything was done by foot!

Berlin does have real gems and  wish I had more time to explore and try a lot more food. I wasn’t able to get a picture of the wall despite being so close to it but it’s something I must do when I visit again. I will like to go in the Summer as I’ve tried winter now. As I saw some street food markets which I can imagine in summer is really fun!

Hope you enjoyed this post and has given you some insight into Berlin! Let me know whether you have been to Berlin and if so what was your favourite bit! Hopefully, this post made it seem realistic to spend 72 hours in Berlin! Enjoy! xxx