‘Risum With Ameze’ – what does Risum mean? It is translated as ‘smile’ in Latin. Smile with, Ameze.

“Smiling improves your mood”

“Smiling boosts your productivity”

“Smiles are free”

I’m 24 years old with a degree in BA Advertising and Marketing and a Masters in MA Strategic Marketing! Trying to live my best life and do what makes me happy! Cheesy you may say but I mean it!

Formally had a blog which lasted a year known as “Amez Cloud”. This was a great introduction to blogging and in the year it made me realise how much I enjoyed writing my blog and reading blogs. I was always excited to talk about it with people and always thinking of new posts to write and even made me more fashion conscious from gathering style inspirations from other content creators.

Therefore I decided to relaunch a new cloud with a smile and the ‘go get’ attitude which commences as my lifestyle  and fashion blog which will bring a series of fashion inspiration posts, lifestyle shenanigans that I will stumble across, the latest splurge I will throw myself in when shopping and also my interest in sports as I am a very passionate Arsenal fan.

As my mum says ‘when you want to do something do it right’ and she is totally right. I want people to enjoy the content I produce and hopefully it does make you smile once in a while as do not forget smiling does not only make you happy but others happy to!