At Last I made it to Dishoom! (Part 1)

At Last I made it to Dishoom! (Part 1)

At last I made it to Dishoom! I must say the amount of buzz and high praise I have heard about this restaurant has been so consistent I knew I would have to eat there eventually, and now I have. Dishoom is a restaurant with a bombay style that serves authentic Indian cuisine that can be enjoyed individually or can be shared amongst a group of people. There are four restaurants in London and one in Edinburgh. I visited the Covent Garden restaurant which is on St Martins Lane. The interior was very dark and dusky and very modern inside. I was so impressed as you could SMELL the spices inside the restaurant it smelt so fresh.

I went with a group of people to mark two special occasions. Therefore a wide range of dishes were ordered so we could all share together. To drink, I tried “Limca” which can be compared to as sprite but with a stronger lemon flavour, very very refreshing, tastes just like real lemonade too. Part of the group order, I did put across how I wanted to try the “Chicken Biryani”. So that was ordered as well as the “Lamb Biryani”. 

Food in the photo – Lamb Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Prawn Masala and Chicken Ruby

  The other dishes that were ordered were;

  • Cheese Naan
  • Gunpowder Potatoes
  • Masala Prawns (x2)
  • Dishoom Calamari
  • Okra fries
  • Chicken Ruby
  • Dishoom Chicken Tikka
  • A bowl of greens
  • Vegetable Samosas
  • Dal
  • Roomali Roti – which is AMAZING so soft and light


Okra fries, Calamari and Samosas

As you can see a lot was ordered which is a good opportunity for me to try as much as I can for my first visit at Dishoom. For my Part 2 visit I will have a clearer understanding of what to order. I really loved the Masala prawns, they were so juicy and well marinated. The Okra fries were really enjoyable crispy on the outside and soft inside. The cheese naan was so delicious too, it was just the right amount of cheese. The Dal was lovely, and was really enjoyable to use the roti to dip inside. I really enjoyed the Biryani the chicken was my favourite so tender and soft.

I must say the food was spicy. I love spice so I was able to handle it, but I really liked that it was spicy as it shows they are cooking and using the traditional ingredients to makes these dishes.

Marinated Prawns really juicy and spicy

I will definitely go back for sure the menu is quite extensive so there is plenty to try out. They even do a breakfast menu and puddings! I have joined the Dishoom hype I will admit it, the food was extremely filling and well cooked. Part 2 is pending. Let me know in the comments whether you have visited Dishoom and which restaurant is your favourite one. Enjoy!