Budapest Getaway!

Budapest Getaway!

At the beginning of July I went away to Budapest with a couple of friends for a couple of days! I have heard so many people talk so highly about the city, how it is such a beautiful city and incredibly cheap! Although I must say at times I was a bit disappointed which I will explain.

We stayed in the area of Corvin which was a practical area for us as there was a shopping mall near us and also was great walking distance for us to reach the main attractions of the city.

As you will below there are an array of photos which will showcase the city of Budapest from my perspective. I  believe that photos will be the best way to share and explain the city rather than writing  full detailed summary of each thing.


View from our apartment balcony, rustic exterior of Budapest housing



Everyday we went to this ice cream shop it was so cheap and very refreshing!


Tuk Tuk carts everywhere


Bicycle parlour

Lively in the night full of bars and restaurants

Landscape view from Gellert Hill

St Stephan’s Basilica

Budapest Parliament

Chicken Ragu Pasta favourite meal there without question!

Heros Square!

Szechenyi Baths and Thermal Pools – lovely when we went for massages as a bonus!

Szechenyi Building



Hustling streets

2nd largest synagogue in the world!

River Danube

Music Fountain on Magaret Island


Citadella on Gellert Hill


Highly recommend having a ride on the bicycle cart on Magaret Island. Was a lot of fun!


Traditional Hungarian cuisine! Doughnut filled with ice cream, delicious but sticky LOL

thumb_IMG_0660_1024       Overall what I did like about Budapest was the tourist areas were really beautiful, the views from high up the city were fantastic. I enjoyed taking the tour bus which was good for us to see both districts of Buda and Pest. I also enjoyed Magaret Island which we took the boat cruise too. Magaret Island is full of different things such as a mini zoo, water park, track fields and much more! Also the food was tasty too, of course I tried Goulash which was yummy and nice to dip bread in!

Why I was disappointed was the fact I did not get that WOW factor from leaving the airport and entering the city as parts of it looked run down and dirty and I was not expecting that from what I heard people saying. Furthermore at times I felt customer service in restaurants and shops could of been better, in the sense I felt they were not welcoming and at times quite rude. Additionally as cheap as it is in Budapest, the currency Hungarian Forint does take time to get use to as their notes are in big dominations which makes it difficult at times.

Nevertheless it is a city that should be visited as it does have beautiful tourist places and good value of money, and very happy I went, but in my opinion it is not my favourite European city I have been too.  Let me know whether you have been to Budapest and how did you find the city! xxx