Changing it up now and again!

Changing it up now and again!

Hey Hey Hey! The week that has just gone by I hit a brick wall, not literally but my thoughts, ideas basically my creative flow was at a halt. I think this is due to a mixture of reasons: work, university and post holiday content coming to an end. When I feel this way I really struggle and try and get out of this emotion.

As you may see my hair looks different! It is my natural hair which has its good and bad days but I had it out for about a week and enjoyed it as its nice to let it breathe for a change. This was a change that inspired me for a new look to style up as I had my hair in a high bun style! The weather had brightened up and I was in a relatively good and inspired mood so went out and shot this look!

In my style session that I had with Lizzy I told her I wanted to wear more blazers in my outfits. I realised that I do not wear them as much as I should! Especially when I struggle to decide on what type of outerwear jacket to wear. Blazers can either be the corporate styled one or the casual relaxed style blazer. This particular blazer was chosen by Lizzy and I really loved it. What I like about it is firstly it is over the waist blazer so it has that relaxed style and less corporate feel. I like the biege colour which is bright and summery and lastly, the print on it is palm leaf print so it’s not just a plain blazer but with an extra twist to it.

The top I wore is an old top from H&M about two years ago with a feather coloured print detail I matched the top and blazer together as they both had contrasting similar prints. I wore my trusty Topshop black jeans and my Burgundy white gold gazelles. The blazer is the main feature to the outfit and gives the outfit a laid back feel to it.

Putting together this outfit was a real change for me. I would have usually worn my denim jacket or a bomber jacket but trying out this blazer highlighted how making this change is a good step in the direction! I did not feel restricted in the blazer as it is very comfortable and very light, it is not a heavy blazer!

The spontaneous sun, my natural hair and styling my new blazer was the change I needed to allow me to get back int0 my creative flow thinking. If you are struggling for ideas or need to revamp try something new and you never know what may happen, changing it up now and again can be a good thing! When the idea comes to, waste no time and just get right onto it. Let me know in the comments how you tackle and come out of the moment when you are stuck for ideas or creative flow. Enjoy! xxx