Dark times ahead for Arsenal…

Dark times ahead for Arsenal…

Being an Arsenal fan is such a rollercoaster of emotions. Recently it has been such a dark and embarrassing time being an Arsenal fan. We have been on a very poor form, which doesn’t help confidence or team morale. We also have a manager who just looks like he has run out of ideas and looks very hopeless. Anger and frustration boils amongst the fan base shouting for Arsene Wenger to go. It’s clear that time is up for Arsene Wenger.

With the abundance of creative and skilled players within the squad, why is it that we cant score anything! With our club record signing striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in January, this stirred a lot of excitement for the fans! Sadly this has not progressed, with players losing confidence and not showing that fighting power.

Losing critical games such as Nottingham Forest away which knocked us out of the FA cup competition, which we are the most successful team to have won the trophy. Losing in the Carabao Cup Final to Manchester City, then in that same week losing to them at home. Furthermore losing disgracefully to Tottenham in the North London Derby. We have not won away in the calendar year of 2018. This is not acceptable for Arsenal football club. A club with culture, history and pride.

This really saddens me as I have come to accept that my team are not what they use to be. We are seen as the easy target in games now, and competing teams don’t fear us. If anything they see as as an easy 3 points for them. I want to enjoy watching my team play again, I want to rejoice and cheer when we score an amazing team goal. Was talking to my dad and brother and was struggling to remember when we had a convincing win, was very hard to remember.

Arsene Wenger on his contract, has one more season to manager till 2019. But with the recent demise of this team, it is very clear that he should take the best option with pride and stand down. He has done enough, and can’t take the team any further. For the fans and for the club the best thing is to go. It’s sad as he is a man that is well respected as a gentleman. He changed Arsenal and has brought so many memories. However the club needs a real boost and a fresh change and a manager that has been at the club for 21 years, its time for him to leave before he ruins his decorated legacy. At the end of the day we should still respect the man and I want him to leave on a positive note, however I think the damage is already done but he still deserve to leave on a positive note.

Now I cant wait till the football season is over, as we have had a terrible season. This summer is going to be an interesting one, will a new manager emerge or will we still be seeing this atrocity for another season. Who knows! Let me know below what you make on this whole scenario regarding the one man that rules Arsenal football club. I will love to hear your views whether you’re a football fan or not, just curious to hear your thoughts! Enjoy xx