Far Far Away in York

Far Far Away in York

This trip now feels like a lifetime ago, when in reality it was just a month ago. It’s safe to say my visit to the North happened just in time, now that I like the rest of society am staying at home due to the Coronavirus. Staying at home has now given me time to share my trip to the open fields of Huggate. Just me and a group of friends stayed in the middle of nowhere which was bliss. It was a very cute lodge cabin in the small village of Huggate. The cabin came with a very jazzy hot tub which actually was amazing with the weather we had during our visit towards the end of February.

It was rare a find on Airbnb. We arrived to a bottle of bubbles and a tin of cupcakes. I must say the drive to the cabin meant going through many narrow and bumpy village roads, but it was worth it! It was a 3 bed cabin with a really nice open plan kitchen and living space area, perfect for our weekend getaway!

Wold’s Away Lodge, Huggate
Peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere

The first night we took a short stroll down the road to a local family run pub. It was quite busy with a lot of families. The food they served was traditional wholesome English pub favourites. I went for a classic bangers and mash with some veggies on the side. It was just what I needed to keep me warm and satisfy my taste buds.  With our tummies full we made our way back to the cabin to unwind, with homemade cocktails and a dip in the hot tub!

Our first full day was primarily spent in the beautiful city of York, just 40 minutes from Huggate. We used the local park and ride, a really convenient but underrated way to get into a busy city!  I have never been to York before but of course I’ve heard many good things and seen photos which is one of the reasons I chose to visit.  The city centre had lots of life to it, I was impressed. We were also really lucky as it was blue skies and sunny. We made our way to York shambles which are the old streets of York, with overhanging shop signs and independent shops serving everything from tea to fudge! There was also a visit to the very busy and popular independent Harry Potter store “The shop that must not be named”. If you’re a serious Potter fan this should be on your list.

Shambles, York
Sweet Meringue

Making our way through the street markets we explored the city more and I really like how its so easily accessible by foot around the centre. It was of course a no brainer that I had to make a visit to the Cathedral. A very grand cathedral that gave me similar vibes as Lincoln Cathedral, which isn’t as big. We didn’t enter but we did do a city wall walk which meant we were able to see it from a higher view point, and see the gardens of the cathedral.

York Cathedral
Cathedral garden grounds

Another recommendation for York was to visit “Bettys“. Bettys is the popular Yorkshire tearoom chain that serve traditional high tea and sweet treats. We went to the Stonegate one rather than the main one in the centre as the queue was shorter, this is the original tea room and is super cosy. I went for club sandwich which was divine and then to finish it up went for a cream slice with an English tea. We spent a good few hours just chatting and sipping tea. The staff are ever so polite and you get a real afternoon tea experience as they bring the desserts and cakes on traditional food trolleys. I highly recommend a visit to a Bettys!

We then had a stroll round the city as there are so many shops and restaurant options, you have a lot to choose from! To end the weekend before we made our way home, we made a quick stop to Bridlington beach on the Sunday. It was actually quite empty – likely due to the very windy weather. It was nice to just have a few moments by the open sea and walk on the beach. To top it off we had some fresh fish and chips at “Audrey’s Fish and Chips” which was super affordable and really yummy too! 

Bridlington Beach

Overall Huggate and York are charming places to visit. Huggate is a place to go away, switch off, and actually appreciate the quiet surroundings from your everyday hustle and bustle. York is a city full of life and culture which I will definitely want to visit again! xx