Festival Inspired Look for BST!

Festival Inspired Look for BST!

It is hard to believe this time last week I was on my way to British Summer Time Festival at Hyde Park to watch the headline act, Justin Bieber! I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that I am a huge Bieber fan, I guess that is a fun fact about me! Going to concerts and especially festivals during summer I do enjoy and try to do as often for artists that I want to pay money for. Yes, Bieber is one of them to my parent’s annoyance. Putting together an outfit for a festival is the pre part I enjoy.

There are loads of festival trends and looks that you can wear. The current festival trends I believe is glitter on faces, glittery and sparkly bodysuits and cropped bralettes. A usual favourite also is wearing flower headbands and ties in the hair too which I am personally a big fan of. Anything can be worn, it is a day or a couple of days you can just have fun with what you wear as long as you are comfortable!

Before I left for my train I dashed to the garden and did a spontaneous photoshoot of the complete look! My outfit was flower overload with bright colours. Pretty much me in a nutshell! I went with my H&M threaded jeans which I seem to be living in as the threaded looks give it that relaxed look and it’s loose so I wouldn’t feel restricted for movement when it comes to jumping around to ‘Baby’!

Then footwear wise I wore my first pair of  Navy High Top Converse as for any festivals they are the most recommended shoe to wear! They are comfy and with the different prints and colours out there you can find the best one for your outfit! In fact, these are so so old they are not even its original colour anymore!

Top wise I wore this latest purchase. I bought it in the Zara sale for £17.99! I have been wanting this top since the first time I saw it. I love the colours and the frills everything about it just screams summer! It also has bright colours and a floral design which is just my style. Therefore when I saw it in the sale online I knew it was a MUST!

It was quite windy so the sleeves were flying all over the place with the frills flying about which was captured in the photo. I felt so free and airy with the short sleeves moving in the wind. The print is absolutely gorgeous and so feminine which I love.

Then in my hair, I wore my flower headband which I have had for some years now from Topshop which is one of my favourites. The colour of the headband matches perfectly with the top and gives it that festival look. I tied my hair up and just wore the band in the middle.

Then a bag is essential just to carry the necessities such as the ticket! I went with my fabric multicoloured stitched backpack which I bought in Madrid two years ago at a shop called Okeysi. I styled with this backpack as again the colours add to the outfit and I like the Aztec design to the bag adding to the festival style.

  • Top – Zara
  • Jeans – H&M
  • Shoes – Converse
  • Bag – Okeysi
  • Headband – Topshop

That is the complete look! I was so comfortable throughout the whole festival in this outfit and really felt I blended in within the festival atmosphere. I did take my oversized denim jacket for the evening to wear back. What is your favourite festival look and I really will like to know which festival you’re going to this summer and if your a big Bieber fan too! Enjoy! xxx

I return home tomorrow from my Perugia adventure and excited to share images and write a post on my holiday!