Hola Barcelona!

Hola Barcelona!

About 2 and a half weeks ago I travelled to the beautiful city “BARCELONA”! This isn’t my first time, but the last visit I was much younger, so it was a needed visit to see it through my matured eyes. Barcelona is truly one of my favourite cities. It has a good mixture of relaxing and exploring. To be able to walk down the La Rambla’s and then have the chance to put your feet through the smooth sandy beach, just a few minutes away shows the pure bliss of having a beach within a city.

Personally I’m the sort of person who loves to explore and experience the culture….. which means endless walking and hopping off metros and buses. I was able to do a fair bit of that during this trip but also Uber and taxis were also a needed option as it was just so HOT!

On the day Russia knocked out Spain in the World Cup, yes thats right Spain, I was at the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella which is filled with lush greenery and palm trees. With the perfect open space to relax and have a picnic or have a ride on a Segway!

The fountain was so beautiful and the park is so big that we didn’t get to explore the rest you are able to row boats on the lake and even visit the zoo.

Not far from Parc de la Ciuttadella is the Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona which leads you to the park. It’s a great place for pictures or even cycling. On the day there was an animal market which had stalls for dogs.

It was a must to visit Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished church the La Sagrada Familia. It is such a beautiful building! From the last time I saw it, there is less scaffolding which is a positive sign that completion is near (completion is estimated for 2026). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go inside the church but this just means a visit to Barcelona is needed again! Even visiting the Gaudi Museum you can see how much he is adored and appreciated in the city. His designs and architecture truly is the heart of Barcelona.

During the trip I tried to indulge in some Spanish cuisine. I ate at a really delicious brunch place called Chicha Limona“. It was affordable and perfect place to get some really nice tapas. I really liked the chicken croquettes and tuna tacos we had some and it so nice. They even gave warm fresh tortilla wraps! At the time, I was super hungry which explains why I took no photos sadly. I do honestly highly recommend visiting this place for a good brunch spot, we spent a long time in there as it was super comfy environment too. If you want a place to eat by the beach I will also recommend “Pez Vela” it was for dinner and what I liked about it, is that the menu wasn’t too long but still had a good selection to choose from including Spanish cuisine.

There are a few places I still want to eat at such as Bacoa which is a really tasty and fresh burger joint popular in Barcelona! Of course when I go again I want to eat as much Tapas as I can.

That’s my quick round up of my recent trip to Barcelona! A city that I fell in love with again and has so much charm to it. Let me know if you have travelled to Barcelona and if so what were your favourite part about the city! Enjoy xxx

Pictures taken by the one and only @dishwashertales – check her out on Insta! <3