Italian Getaway Wardrobe!

Italian Getaway Wardrobe!

Packing for any holiday can be stressful and time-consuming. Especially when you have limited luggage allowance and want to pack enough outfits for the days that you are travelling for. Italy had some warm sunshine reaching temperatures of 37 celsius! What I enjoy with wearing outfits while abroad is the fact you can wear whatever you like, that you do not usually wear in your home environment! Especially when the temperatures are that high therefore wearing loose and light clothing is essential for comfort. I took some shots in some of the outfits that I wore while I was on the trip!

This outfit is definitely out of my comfort zone I wouldn’t usually wear an off the shoulder top with shorts! It is out of my comfort zone but that is why I packed it! This day was really hot and humid and really needed to feel free and light. The top is from H&M and love love the bright mustard yellow colour perfect for summer. The shorts a from about 3 years ago from Newlook. I wore my trusted Clarks Sandals and accessorised it with a choker which I got in the sale from Topshop.

This maxi dress is from H&M last season summer collection. I have not really been able to wear it as much as I would have liked therefore it was a must to pack for my holiday. I love the colours as blue is my favourite colour and just love the print I felt so comfortable in this dress.

Then lastly this outfit I have featured on my blog post already…. awkward… but it’s such an easy go to outfit which is on trend. The ruffle short sleeved dress, however, this time I wore my Clarks covered flats as it was the day I went to Assisi, which is situated on a steep hill, therefore, a lot of walking was required.

Have fun with what you wear while on holiday. It can be as simple and adventurous as you want, the main thing is just being comfortable in what you wear especially depending on the temperatures. In the comments let me know what your enjoy wearing on holiday if you are escaping to warm temperatures! Enjoy! xxx