Ready for Spring but feeling rather uninspired..

Ready for Spring but feeling rather uninspired..

Already mid way through March and you would expect to see a lot more brighter and warmer days. Well yes daylight is lasting longer, but its still so so cold! I would have expected more Spring fashion as we are already halfway through March and to get excited about Spring fashion. However as of recently I’ve been struggling and feeling rather uninspired!

I will enter the shops and nothing is screaming at me to say “buy me.” I’m finding the transition from Winter to Spring rather a slow and difficult one. Partly the weather doesn’t help as it doesn’t make me excited but also I still feel that I’m still stuck in the layering jumper scenario instead of embracing lighter clothing pieces.

In order to feel inspired I have started to take some inspiration to see what the Spring 2018 trends will be. One of them is the power of Pastels! Seeing these pastel shades are so feminine and gorgeous. Why I like the trend of pastel is that you can have fun styling with them. Also I am a massive fan of colours so I think I will really embrace this one in terms of looking for that Spring inspiration. I must say Zara recently have been very successful with this trend. They are selling an array of pastel coloured blazers which do scream Spring and perhaps a trend that I can do myself.





Another Spring trend for 2018 is Vintage Florals. It’s no secret that I love florals. They can make an outfit for any occasion and really have that bold look to make an outfit pop! By vintage florals it’s the type that women and housewives would have worn back in the 40’s & 50’s with retailers bringing this into style particularly in dresses. Topshop have a specific collection towards Heavy Floral pieces that really embrace this Vintage floral trend.

Off Duty Ruffle Tea Dress – £36 – (Topshop)

Heavy Petal Chuck On Dress – £49 – (Topshop)

This heavy petal Topshop dress above will definitely be an acquired taste. However it’s bold and bright and perfect to wear during Spring with boots and a denim jacket over it. Vintage floral is a trend that has inspired as floral prints will always inspires me but vintage floral is one that I’m happy to give go.

One Spring trend which is always so popular and continuing from last Spring is Slogan T-Shirts. Such an easy way to create a fun outfit. I must say this is the one trend that I have seen a fair bit in the shops. Whether it is an inspirational, political message or a word in a different language, its a trend that the retailers are embracing and styling wise. Can tuck in the T-shirt into jeans or a skirt and wear boots or trainers with them. Simple and a comfy outfit.

“Life is a journey” – T-shirt with embroidery £19.99 (H&M)



UO Cali Dreaming Embroidered T-Shirt – £24 (Urban Outfitters)

Printed message t-shirt – £12.99 (Mango)

Like this Mango T-Shirt above at only £12.99 it’s a cute and simple and the colour is bright. I don’t wear slogan t-shirts enough and I think this Spring I should really embrace it. Easy to wear and especially during Spring can be done by layering up.

These three trends have given me inspiration to help me to start looking for transition fro my spring wardrobe. Now that I have an idea of what the trends are, it can help me struggle less, when I’m searching in the shops. I will definitely try these three trends as they do fit my personal style. Let me know in the comments below whether your are struggling to feel inspired for Spring 2018 and what trends are you looking forward to for the Spring. Enjoy xxx