Styling Session with Lizzy Hadfield & H&M Club!

Styling Session with Lizzy Hadfield & H&M Club!

What. A. Morning! This Thursday I experienced a fun and memorable morning that I loved so much. About three weeks ago I entered a competition through H&M. As I do, browsing through endless pages to search for things to buy buy buy. I saw that H&M had this new page called ‘H&M Club’. It is their new loyalty programme in which you earn points while you shop in store and online. I mean this is a win-win deal for me! I love the idea, especially when you consistently shop at your favourite brands. I signed up which was very straightforward and as I only had 0 points on my membership account, the styling session with blogger Lizzy Hadfield with £300 voucher competition was the only one that I could enter! You had to write why you think you deserve a styling session and what you like about H&M. Furthermore, you had to insert a photo of yourself wearing something from H&M. I also added my blog link that took them to the blog post I had written before with me wearing the H&M outfit that I used for the competition. I submitted it and that was that. Finito. I entered and just thought there is no harm in entering and deep down I would have loved to win but I was just happy that I gave it a go and who knows they may like what I sent.

I got the email saying that I WON! I really couldn’t believe it, I had to keep on reading it through just to make sure that what I was seeing was accurate! I was shaking with excitement and utter shock. I just didn’t think I would win! Either way I was over the moon.  I Was excited about the experience and meeting Lizzy!

Thursday morning was an early start. When I arrived at Kings Cross Station I was picked up in a taxi that was organised by H&M and was chatting away to Charlotte in the car. We arrived at the Covent Garden store which is all renovated and looking very snazzy. I Met so many people on the H&M team who were super friendly and smiley which put me at ease. There was a yummy and nutritious breakfast spread which was nice gesture to add to the experience.

Everyone was chatting and then Lizzy came in as she was taking photos outside with her photographer Kyle. We hugged and chatted, I kept my calm. She is very down to earth and extremely friendly. My friend Tika came too and it was nice having her there as a familiar face. She too is a massive fan of Lizzy and was happy to meet her, she too had a fan girl moment.

In the fitting room which was exclusive for the event, there was a rack full of clothes, shoes, and accessories which fit my specification and was picked out by Lizzy. I was so excited especially as the rack was full of vibrant colours that definitely caught my eyes. We then had the opportunity to go around the store together and grab things that caught the eyes. Having Lizzy there was really helpful naturally as she pointed out things that I would never consider such as long black and white maxi skirt that I wore in the photo and also frayed jeans that are a current trend. Which is a reason why I entered the competition to explore different trends I would not have thought of for myself and get tips from a stylish blogger who knows about fashion.

Once we got back to the fitting room I began trying on endless clothes and outfits that Lizzy put together. I must say my favourite outfit was the skirt and bodysuit. I tried an array of ensembles, a lovely sweetheart lined baby blue dress, maxi skirt matched with a black bodysuit, shorts and a top with an imprinted blazer and much more. I loved the blazer that Lizzy picked out. I specifically asked for a blazer which I can wear on a night out or casual outing and this beige palm tree blazer is so flattering and as it is over the waist it has that relaxed stylish style to it. I also really loved the maxi skirt which I can’t wait to wear with sandals or even converse!

I really love the items I bought and appreciate the advice and help that I got from Lizzy. She has sincerely opened up my mind and eyes to new things I should try! Furthermore while trying on these clothes the talented and creative photographer Kyle Galvin is who took these photos! We found some really lovely spots around the store to take photos in the different outfits.

All in all the morning was fabulous! An experience I will never forget. Lovely meeting Lizzy who is a seriously pro at her work. A massive thank you to the Maria, Charlotte, and the H&M Club team,  who made me feel so welcomed that day. Thank you to Kyle who filmed and photographed the whole morning, such a talented person. A was great to have Tika there to!

To watch and find out the style tips and how the styling session went the video is featured on Lizzy’s Channel on YouTube which you can access here!

Kyle Galvin who took the photos as his own website definitely check him out and add him on all socials!

Hope you enjoy the video and hope you enjoyed the post I really enjoyed writing it! xxx