The Academy Town House Afternoon Tea

The Academy Town House Afternoon Tea

I have been at it again with another Afternoon Tea, as it was a birthday present for my friend Darcie and we decided to go on Friday during the heatwave we had in the UK. Darcie lovessss tea, she MUST have a cup of tea everyday and has so much knowledge when it comes to teas!

There was a good deal for the Afternoon Tea which also came with a glass each of Prosecco!

It was at The Academy Town House Hotel in Bloomsbury London, near Euston station. The exterior of the building is a Victorian townhouse so it is very quaint with original features. Unfortunately we were not able to sit outside due to rain in the forecast but we had our private area inside. We were running very late (Awkward) and took us a while to find it but we eventually did and we were so hungry and thirsty so we couldn’t of eaten at a more perfect time!

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 We both went for a classic of just traditional English tea, as for me personally at that time I was not in the mood for infused flavoured tea as it is never the same when you have it with cakes and scones. The tea tasted very different to the tea I usually drink and Darcie enlightened me (as she is full of tea knowledge) that ‘real’ tea should have the leaves and a richer taste which the tea had. The tea we all usually drink and buy from supermarkets is actually the dust from when the tea is made. Cool fact LOL. Anywayyyy I adjusted myself to drinking the tea and enjoyed it.

thumb_IMG_0858_1024 They provided different flavoured jams on our table in these really cute glass jars. They had Apricot, Honey, Marmalade, Strawberry and Raspberry flavoured jam to, which was nice to have with our scones. The sandwiches were lovely too we were also able to get more sandwiches for free of charge, so do not be afraid to ask if you want more of food as it is better than it going to waste!

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thumb_IMG_0869_1024 I loved the scones! They were warm and not to sweet. They were also a good size too which did not make me feel full! I also was able to put the marmalade jam on it which was an extra treat! The macaroons were also really tasty too!

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Was a lovely afternoon and a good way to spend catching up with Darcie and also no harm in treating your belly to some sweet treats! Enjoy! xxx