The Wolfie Jacket!

The Wolfie Jacket!

Introducing my wolfie jacket! Wolfie, teddy bear whatever you describe this style of jacket, I call mine,  the wolfie jacket. This jacket is definitely right up my street. It is a statement piece and also a great addition to the wardrobe. What I really liked about it, is the fact that it is different! I am always drawn to unique and quirky items and when I saw this I could not resist.

These fur biker or longlined fur jackets, are everywhere at the moment on the high street and online. This wolfie jacket is from H&M and compared to some I saw, for instance, this one from Urban Outfitters it highlights it is an ongoing trend. There are a lot of different lengths, colours and styles for these types of jacket. This biege colour is something I personally wouldn’t usually go for in a jacket but I just liked how it worked for me and I am trying something a bit out of my comfort zone.

The outfit was a very simple outfit, the jacket being the main feature. The T-Shirt is from the Purpose Tour merchandise collection which is being sold in H&M. My friend and fellow Belieber was so sweet and surprised me with the t-shirt. It is a really soft material for a T-Shirt so it is super comfortable too wear. Matched it with my perfect pair of Joni black Topshop tall jeans which fit like a dream they never disappoint. Then wore my blush pink high top Converse. This outfit is very simple and neutral coloured which for me is not usually the case for me.

The jacket is super warm I must say. As it is quite bulky and thick you can get away with wearing a cardigan underneath and the jacket over it. Obviously, this jacket will not be appropriate in a horrid downpour. It is definitely something I will get the most out of during these mild temperatures before the wet and cold weather eventually hits.

Having a peak in a very fancy French restaurant which is beautifully decorated!

I am really happy I purchased this as it is something I have never had in my wardrobe, I guess it can be considered as an investment piece which I can wear repeatedly. Looking forward to wearing it more this Autumn!

Would love to know if you have a wolfie jacket and if so how would you style it in an outfit! And remember if at a glance you think it may not suit you or out of your style, try it on and you may be surprised! Enjoy xx

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