Well Hello Autumn!

Well Hello Autumn!

FINALLY I can get back on with writing! Oh how much I have missed this! Believe me, I was getting frustrated that I was not able to keep on track with content on the blog. I have a real valid reason. I was winding down with my Master’s degree. I needed to focus on my University work. Therefore, my blog was put on the back burner till I completed my dissertation. Good news, that is all done and submitted! Hoorah!!!

NOW I have completed that chapter and how time has gone by quickly I can say for now I am officially finished with classroom education. However who knew my short absence meant that we have now entered a new season of AUTUMN! I must say I am looking forward to dressing for this season. I have seen a lot that I want and some trends I am interested in. One being RED! I really want a red jumper as red seems to be the colour of the season.

An outfit I wore during the week, I think captures Autumn dressing. I recently purchased this black turtleneck jumper from ASOS for a bargain of ¬£16 (which is now out of stock!). It is a simple jumper, which can be worn very easily and can be dressed up or down. The coat is also from ASOS but from last season but I love it as its long and the colour is warm and neutral but still bright enough as I am all about colour. The jeans are also from ASOS but the ‘Noisy May’ brand online. Lastly wore my ankle black Topshop boots and also styled it with a statement necklace to give the outfit another dimension.


I really want to invest in more turtlenecks as they are so simple to wear and perfect for Autumn also can be easily worn with jeans and trousers and still go for the smart casual look. Additionally, the hunt for a new winter coat will begin, perhaps go for a black one as I have seen a lot of black coats out there but I think I may be swayed to another coloured coat!


I hope this outfit has given you some ideas for Autumn dressing and perhaps made you excited about Autumn. I mean I cannot believe within a click of the finger we are in a new season. I am glad to be back to writing and producing content. Additionally, feeling guilt-free writing posts with no worry of university work deadline. I will need to start planning for my Master’s goodbye post, which I am excited to write and share my experiences!

Let me know in the comments below what you have your eye on during Autumn will love some ideas! Feels good to be back! Enjoy xxx