Why do I love oversized items?

Why do I love oversized items?

My wardrobe can be a real mixture of things. I do know for fact that I really enjoy wearing oversized pieces of clothing. I enjoy how you can style them to be very casual or the contrast and be very dressy. One of my favourites is this oversized floral shirt from Zara. 

 Oversized Shirt – Zara

Black Tall Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Clarks

I tied the front to style it a bit differently to give it that playful relaxed look. The embroidered flowers on the shirt is so beautiful and works well with the strips of the shirt. I must say this shirt is a medium and does comes up very big so when you are buying an oversized shirt keep that it in mind.

I also have oversized dresses and tops also in my wardrobe which will be great to wear in the next couple of weeks when it begins to get warmer. Sometimes it is good to feel free and relaxed and I believe that oversized items allow for this comfort and experimentation with style. Let me know if you are a fan of oversized clothing and if so what do you like.

Enjoy xxx