Why I love Wimbledon!

Why I love Wimbledon!

Looks like for the first week for The Championships at Wimbledon they will be blessed with some warm sunshine…. well you never know with England the rain may appear and cause some sort of delay! If you have seen my Instagram feed and read my blog posts one of my interests and hobbies is watching and supporting Arsenal football club. However after football, watching tennis is by far one of my favourite things to do. Look how I emphasise ‘watch’ and not ‘play’. I am not the most athletic or sporty person and I am completely fine with that as you can’t force it, however watching sports is something I find incredibly enjoyable!

What is it about Wimbledon that I love? My first experience with Wimbledon which was about roughly about 6 years ago with my Secondary School. My good friend Maddy, is a big fan of tennis she has played it since she was young and even did a tennis scholarship in America with her degree in History! Yeah, she is a tennis fanatic! Therefore she had good ties with the Sports Department at our school as you will represent the school in tennis matches.  My school was given a bunch of Wimbledon tickets at a discounted price and Maddy was given a few from the Sports Department and she asked me if I wanted a ticket. I was like sure why not should be fun. Honestly till this day if it hadn’t been for Maddy offering me the ticket I do not think I will have any interest in tennis as I do now. It was the perfect day. When I walked into the grounds I was instantly BLOWN AWAY. Everything was pristine, perfect and beautiful. There is a real buzz around the courts especially on Henman Hill with people, drinking, eating, chatting and enjoying tennis on the big screen.

Just as with my first football match, with Wimbledon, it is the atmosphere that really sealed it for me. Yes during play your not really suppose to shout and scream , you have to be silent, however in a defiant moment such as a breakpoint in an end to end game or when a player, especially with a British player playing in front of a home crowd at Wimbledon, for instance, Andy Murray, he is serving for an Advantage, the crowd gets excited and nervy, that’s when you feel the atmosphere. Moments like that suck you into the game and enjoy it.

Henceforth every year I try and make it an annual thing with a group of friends and sometimes my dad and brother as they both have been and love it, to go one day during the two weeks of play. I have been lucky enough to experience Centre Court to watch women’s semi-final as we bought the tickets the day before on Ticketmaster which I highly recommend if you want to avoid the queue and you want to secure tickets for Centre Court. However on most occasions, I have gone, I have done the much-anticipated QUEUE. Waking up early and rushing to the queue!  It is worth it as you may be lucky to get a ticket for centre court, court 1 and court 2. If not you can get the general ground ticket which costs £20 and allows you to access any court starting from court 3! Which is not bad at all.

The day overall is so so enjoyable it gives me an excuse to dress up very pretty and eat as many strawberries and cream. My personal favourite in the food court is the fish and chips which is always  so fresh and tasty! The queue adds to the experience as your surrounded by the same like minded people and fans who just want to be part of the atmosphere. It is a lovely day out especially when you walk around the ground which is always beautiful with flowers and you can also can go to the practise courts and see big name players practise before their main match. In the past, I have seen Andy Murray and got a photo of him pretty close up! So you never know which famous face you may bump into!

Let me know if you love Wimbledon in the comments what is your favourite thing about the tournament! Also if you going this year to the tournament! Enjoy! xxx